Siblings // Toby and Gabe in May (2017)

If you read my Siblings post last month (or any of my many Instagram updates on the subject) then you will know that the constant bickering between Toby and Gabe has been driving me insane… but I think we may be finally seeing the light.

They still fight like crazy but there seem to be a few more moments of playing together – Toby has realised that he can make Gabe laugh, and is also taking great pleasure in trying to teach him new words. The other morning over breakfast we were trying – ‘Gabe say apple’, ‘Gabe say mummy’, Gabe say ‘flamingo’ – I think that last one might have been a step slightly too far!

This month’s Siblings photos are just a random selection that I’ve taken since last month’s update. First up this one when we got the water table out for the first time this year. This one is actually pretty good because they can have a side each, although after a few minutes they were both just filling cups from a bucket and pouring them over the garden.

Toby and Gabe playing at the water table together

I took this next picture when we went to feed the ducks the other week. Barry was down by the water’s edge trying to get a duck to come and feed out of his hand. Toby sat down to watch and Gabe just toddled over and went and sat down next to him. It’s moments like this that make my heart melt a little bit…

Toby and Gabe sitting by the duck pond

In fact if I can get Toby to stand still for a picture then Gabe is quite happy to go and stand next to him, and somewhere he has learnt to say cheese too. I’ve started to take a few of these garage door pictures to record some of the boys lovely clothes. They are starting to grow out of a lot of their matching things now so I want to capture them while I can.

Brothers in matching Lamb and Bear leggings and Maxomorra hoodies

I’ve got another couple of pictures from our day out at Brock Bottom last weekend too.

Toby and Gabe in the bluebells in May

Brothers playing by the river
And this last picture was just taken yesterday and it gave me a little glimpse into the future. Toby and Gabe were both happily playing out in the street and it just made me think what life might be like in a few years when they can play out together on their bikes or scooters in the street like the other kids on our street.

Riding and scooting brothers in the street

Here’s hoping we’ve turned a corner in the sibling relationship and next month I’ll be telling you even more happy stories about my brothers.

5 thoughts on “Siblings // Toby and Gabe in May (2017)

  1. Ah they’re all like that. My two are the same. One time they kill each other and the other time they giggle together. My eldest has a big bruise on his forehead from his little sister by closing the door on him at the weekend. #siblingsproject

  2. Oh you just have to savour those rare non bickering moments don’t you! Lovely pictures from Brock bottom xx #siblingsproject

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