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Maxomorra is a Swedish brand and I’ve featured it before in my What Toby & Gabe wore posts. They release new prints several times a year and to be honest I’m not that big a fan of a lot of them, which my bank balance is pleased about at least!

But at least a few times a year there’s a print that I absolutely love. Luckily Maxomorra produce so many different styles of clothes in each design that it’s easy to match the boys too. One of the recent prints that I loved was these robots – Toby and Gabe love them too but they weren’t so keen on posing for a photo!

No photos today mum - in Maxomorra robots

I didn’t come here to write about robots though, I came to write about pineapples…

I wasn’t sure about this print when it was first released but it has grown on me. When the lovely Jenny at KyNa Boutique (who I’ve mentioned many times before) announced this week that she had taken the difficult decision to close her shop I couldn’t resist taking advantage of her closing down discount!

Toby and Gabe matching in Maxomorra Pineapples

I was tempted to get Gabe the shorty romper but I know they come up big and I could decide which size to get. And I also thought that he would probably get more wear out of the leggings.

I got Toby the short sleeve t-shirt – he doesn’t like short sleeves as a general rule but when the weather is as hot as it has been the last few days he can be tempted. And when it’s cooler and he doesn’t want short sleeves he just wears a plain long sleeve vest underneath.

Playing in Grandma and Grandad's garden in Maxomorra pineapples

The boys sun hats also came from KyNa – Gabe’s pineapple hat was actually the first thing I bought in the print and it convinced me to get the other things too. I love these hats – they have really wide brims so they’re great for protecting faces and necks from the sun, and they’re made out of jersey so seem very comfortable too. They were definitely just the job for playing in Grandma and Grandad’s garden yesterday…

I do love Maxomorra and I’m sure their clothes will be filling the boys’ wardrobe for a good few years yet.


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