Siblings // Toby and Gabe in January (2018)

It doesn’t seem very long since I wrote last month’s Siblings post, even though it was before Christmas. Things are much the same with Toby and Gabe’s relationship – I think they enjoyed being together constantly for two weeks over the holidays but there was still a lot of arguing and squabbling!

Now we’re back to school though, and I think they both benefit from a bit of time away from each other. They do play together a lot of the time and we’re currently trying to teach Gabe to ask nicely if Toby has something he wants rather than trying to grab it off him and run away which is what happens most of the time at the moment!

In amongst the fighting though there are still a lot of sweet moments – Toby has been getting more generous with his kisses and cuddles lately. And Gabe always gets in Toby’s bed with him for a cuddle before they go to sleep. Toby keeps saying that he wants Gabe to sleep in his bed with him but I think that would be a recipe for disaster at the moment! Maybe one day.

Anyway, I don’t really have much else to say about my lovely pair of boys this month so I’m just going to share some pictures instead…

Toby and Gabe with their stockings on Christmas Eve

This one was on Christmas Eve, they were fresh out of the bath and in their new matching pyjamas and had just hung their stockings ready for Father Christmas coming. I don’t think Gabe really understood what was going on but Toby was so excited that he just went along with the excitement too!

Toby and Gabe dressed up as Catboy and Owlet from PJ Masks

This was at my friend Claire’s house – her boys had these PJ Masks costumes, the TV show is a fairly recent discovery for Toby and Gabe and they love it. Luckily Toby got to be Catboy without any arguments, Thomas was Gekko and Gabe was quite happy to be Owlet… and Eddie was busy being Darth Vader so he was happy too!

Brothers in the woods - Toby is pointing out something in the tree

This one was taken when we went to the park the other week. We tried to go for a walk in the woods too but we had to abandon because it was just so wet and muddy. I think Toby was pointing out a butterfly sculpture up in the trees in this one.

Gabe and Toby waiting to get on the train to Liverpool

This weekend we went to Liverpool on the train, and the boys were very excited waiting at the station. I can never get them both with a sensible expression on their faces at the same time though!

Toby and Gabe with a dinosaur at the World Museum Liverpool

They so cute though – I think I’ll be a bit sad when they don’t want to wear matching clothes any more. Although actually these tops are the only ones they have that are exactly the same, and that was only because they both wanted them.

Toby and Gabe at the World Museum Liverpool

Honestly, one of these days I might actually get a picture of them both looking at the camera and smiling!

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  1. I have started dressing mine in similar or matching clothing and I am getting a little obsessed. Need to make the most of it. Looks like you have had lot of adventures in the last month x #Sibilingsproject

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