Living Arrows 3/53 (2018)

So this week saw us back to the school and preschool routine. I was really pleased that Toby and Gabe both settled right back into it with no problems, and Gabe even enjoyed his first full day at preschool too. They were both quite tired by the end of the week though, so on Saturday we mostly spent the day at home.

Toby has been having The BFG as a bedtime story for the last month or so, and he and Daddy finally finished it last week. So on Saturday while Gabe and I went out to run some errands, they watched the film – and both really enjoyed it. Toby’s doing really well with his own reading too – I really hope the love of books that he has at the moment carries on as he gets older.

After a day in the house on Saturday though, we decided that we should have  day out yesterday. More family days out was one of my 18 goals for 2018 so I thought it was time we got started. We actually had quite an adventure – we went to Liverpool on the train (which was a novelty in itself) so we could go to The World Museum.

The World Museum was somewhere I had looked at before Christmas – I knew they had some dinosaur bones there which the boys would love, and there’s also a space section with a planetarium. I’m always prepared for our days out not to really go to plan but we actually had a really good day!

The boys were both very excited about getting the train, and then they loved seeing the dinosaurs, and all the other parts of the museum too. If you’re ever in Liverpool I’d definitely recommend it. It was free to get in, we just paid for the planetarium (which was only £6.50 for all four of us). There was plenty for the boys to see but it wasn’t so big that they were overwhelmed, or we felt like we were missing anything or having to rush.

Typically though, I didn’t really get any good pictures of the boys while we were there. A lot of the museum was quite dark, so not great for photography. So I took these two on the train on the way home…

Toby laughing on the train

I don’t really know what Toby was doing here – he was just messing about and tipping his head back but I love the light and how you can see his dimple.

And Gabe was just giggling away at his brother’s silliness….Gabe laughing at his brother on the train

Oh, and Toby turned four and a half this week too.

Living Arrows

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  1. I love how they read the book together and then watched the film. Definitely the right way around, I wish I had skipped a few movies and read the books first! Gorgeous photographs, I really struggle with photography in dark places too.

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