Siblings // Toby and Gabe in February (2018)

After January lasting for an eternity we seem to have got to the middle of February remarkably quickly! When I wrote last month’s Siblings post Toby had only been back at school a week and it’s already half term! He’s only back at school for another five weeks and then it will be the Easter holidays – I have a feeling the rest of this school year is going to absolutely fly by.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, it is still only February after all. Toby and Gabe are still squabbling a lot but there has been quite a lot of playing nicely together in the last month too. I think Toby has realised that he can teach Gabe things, and he enjoys doing it. And Gabe is realising that it can be more fun if he actually cooperates with what Toby wants him to do instead of fighting!

Toby teaching Gabe his numbers

They both really enjoyed putting the numbers back into this learn to tell the time clock that we were sent by Milly & Flynn – and Toby was really good at letting Gabe take his turn, and helping him get the numbers in the right order too.

I have to admit they are driving me a bit crackers both being at home for the holidays (we definitely need to make more plans for the Easter Holidays because being at home with nothing to do is not ideal for keeping the boys happy and for me maintaining my sanity!) – the other day though we stayed in our pyjamas all day and when the boys were playing in the hall and on the stairs I got the camera out and managed to capture a few snaps.

Brothers plotting something

I’m not sure what they were up to here but they definitely look like they are plotting something together!

Toby and Gabe being super silly together

Gabe still copies Toby all the time, so when Toby was being silly with the bouncy ball in front of his face Gabe just had to try and do the same. I love the laughter on their faces though – they really do love having fun together.

Crazy brothers giggling together

And this was more of the same silliness! I don’t always think they look very alike (probably more because of their different hair than anything else) but I definitely think you can see the sibling resemblance in this one.

I think that’s all for this month’s Siblings post. Assuming we survive the rest of half term I’ll be back again next month with another update!


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