Siblings // Toby and Gabe in September (2018)

I can’t believe we’re halfway through September already! Although having said that it feels like absolutely ages ago that we were on holiday and I wrote last month’s Siblings post. Since then we had two weeks at home, and then two weeks with the boys back at school and nursery.

There has really just been more of the same for Toby and Gabe – plenty of squabbling but lots of playing nicely together too. They obviously love each other so much and it’s lovely to see when Toby is trying to help Gabe do something, or Gabe makes Toby laugh. They definitely enjoy each other’s company most of the time now and I can’t wait to see how their relationship continues to develop.

After six long weeks at home and being together 24/7 (and even sharing a double bed for two weeks on holiday) I think the return to school for Toby and starting a new nursery for Gabe has been hard for both of them. They really miss each other during the day, but of course that doesn’t stop them fighting the minute we walk through the door.

Brothers with their heads together

There always seems to be a lot of arguing over their Kindles – even though they’ve got one each, and they’ve both got the same games Toby has a habit of taking over Gabe’s and wanting to play for him which nearly always causes tears. But then often Gabe will ask Toby to help him with a game and do it for him… so he can’t win really!

I didn’t take hardly any pictures of the boys together this month – here’s one of them on Toby’s first day back at school (and Gabe’s second day at his new nursery).

Toby and Gabe ready for a new year at school and nursery

Toby is very sweet and keeps telling Gabe all the things he’ll be able to do ‘when you come to my school’. Never mind that it’s another year away yet! I think it’s going to be an emotional day for me when Gabe starts school too – I just hope having his brother there makes it an easier for him, especially as he’ll still be so little. I’m looking to lots more of these sibling door step photos over their school years though – I wonder if they’ll still let me take them when they’re teenagers?


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