Family breakfasts made easier with Nutella

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I don’t know about you but during the week, mornings are busy in our house, especially now the boys are back at school and nursery. Barry works in Manchester three days a week and leaves the house at 5:30AM so it’s up to me to get everyone up, fed and out of the house on time. Weekends are a different matter though and we all enjoy sitting together for a more leisurely family breakfast.

Tucking into a weekend breakfast with Nutella

On weekdays the boys usually have cereal for breakfast in front of CBeebies (I know, but sometimes having the telly on is the only way I can keep them sitting at the table without messing about!) while I get dressed and ready for the day. At the weekend though, when we’re all here and have got plenty of time then we have a chance to have something a bit different, and what’s better than sitting round the table together with a pot of tea and a loaf of fresh baked bread?

Breakfast with fresh bread and Nutella

A few years ago, when we still lived in Scotland, Barry started baking all our bread. He used to bake three times a week and it was lovely to always have fresh bread in the house. Somehow when we moved he got out of the habit of baking all the time, but still makes a loaf every now and again. And this weekend we all enjoyed a lovely slice of fresh baked bread spread with yummy Nutella for our family breakfast.

Gabe enjoying his breakfast

I’ve been a big fan of Nutella for a long time, in fact I think I started eating it when I worked in France in my 20s, where everyone seems to eat it. Toby and Gabe haven’t really had it before though – they were very excited to try a portion of Nutella on Daddy’s fresh bread. Did you know that one heaped teaspoon (15g) of Nutella is 80 kcals? And just one 15g portion on a slice of bread was plenty to keep the boys (and us) happy!!

Fresh bread with one portion of Nutella

I’ve tried lots of other chocolate spreads over the years but in the end I always come back to Nutella – its secret recipe using quality ingredients means that other chocolate spreads just can’t compare. Not only do I think it’s delicious (and Toby and Gabe agree) but it makes a super simple, and quick breakfast – great for busy Mums everywhere! In fact, I think I’m going to get Toby and Gabe out of their cereal rut this autumn and introduce some variety in their breakfasts. I’m sure they would enjoy Nutella on toast, or spread on a Scotch pancake with some banana or strawberries.

Toby tucking into his Nutella on Daddy's homemade bread

Do you eat breakfast together in your house or are you more of an eat on the go family? I’d love to know what your quick and easy breakfast ideas are so please do leave me a comment if you’ve got a great idea to share.

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