Siblings // Toby and Gabe in May (2018)

I can’t believe it’s time for another Siblings post already. I said last month that not much had changed between Toby and Gabe and this month is more of the same. They still love each other like nothing on earth, and still spend half their time fighting and squabbling.

They make each other laugh all the time, and Toby also seems to have the uncanny ability to make Gabe cry at the drop of a hat.  Toby loves to teach Gabe too – I’m sure Gabe knows more numbers and letters than Toby did at this age and that’s a lot to do with Toby teaching him.

Siblings with their heads together

And although Gabe loves copying Toby it doesn’t always mean he’ll copy everything – he really didn’t want to be sitting next to Toby for this photo for instance…

Toby and Gabe on a bench

I know there’ll probably always be fights and squabbles between these two but I just hope that they always stay friends and look out for each other. Toby is already saying he can’t wait for Gabe to go to his school so they can sit together at lunch time and play together. It’s still over a year before that’s going to happen but I bet it will be here before we know it. For now they’ll just have to make do with sitting together for a picnic in Grandma and Grandad’s garden!

Brothers having a picnic in the garden

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