Siblings // Toby and Gabe in July (2018)

It’s the middle of the month which means it’s Siblings time again. We’ve had a month of sunshine (just like the rest of the country) and with the heat and getting close to the end of term Toby and Gabe have been very tired and emotional. We’ve had plenty of fun though among the tears and tantrums.

The big news this month has been Toby turning five! Gabe has coped pretty well, and we haven’t had too many tears because it’s not his birthday yet. I think it probably helped that they both got bikes for their birthdays, and because we’re going to be on holiday when it’s Gabe’s birthday (and didn’t make sense for him not to have his for half the school holidays) we gave it to him at the same time as Toby got his bike.

Birthday bike brothers

We also took the boys to LEGOLAND Discovery in Manchester as birthday treat. We went the day England were playing in the World Cup quarter final, and that combined with the lovely weather meant it was super quiet!

Brothers enjoying a trip to Legoland Discovery, Manchester

I took this picture of them outside – I took one in the exact same spot when we went there last summer but I can’t find it! It’s really hard to get them both to look at the camera at the same time and do anything resembling a normal smile at the moment but I do like this one.

Toby and Gabe outside at the Trafford Centre

I mentioned last month that we had ordered bunk beds for the boys. Well they came a couple of weeks ago and then my dad helped me build them. They’ve been in them about 10 days now, and so far so good! We’ve had a couple of slightly early mornings from Gabe now he can actually get out of bed but on the whole they’ve done really well. They both can’t wait to get in bed in the evenings which is always a good start!

Toby and Gabe trying out their new bunk beds

And finally, the last one for this month… last week Toby had a medieval day at school and he was allowed to dress up. I got him this knight’s costume (although apparently he wasn’t a knight, he was a guard), and I was very surprised that he wore it all day with no complaints, after the drama we had on World Book Day (when he was scared of everyone being dressed up). Of course because Toby was dressed up then Gabe had to be too so he went to preschool in this Cat Boy mask and cape (also a birthday present).

Toby and Gabe trying out their new bunk beds

They might drive me bonkers with their near-constant squabbling, but at least they’re cute!

Next month’s Siblings post might be a bit late, because we’ll be on holiday and I’m not planning on taking my laptop with me, we’ll have to see though…maybe I won’t be able to resist!


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