Living Arrows 38/53 (2018)

I’m a bit late with today’s Living Arrows post – I was away at BlogOn, a blogging conference in Manchester this weekend and didn’t get round to writing my post when I got home last night. I had a fab weekend away so Daddy was on photo taking duties this weekend.

While I went off to do some shopping at the Trafford Centre on Saturday before I headed to BlogOn, the boys had an afternoon out with Barry and their Nana and Grandad. They went out for lunch and then headed to the sea front for a walk.

Toby looking super grown up on a walk on the beach

Toby is looking so grown up now, especially when he’s performing for the camera! And believe it or not I only cut his hair a couple of weeks ago, it’s grown loads in the last couple of weeks. Things have settled down a bit at school for Toby this last week. I wrote about the transition to Year 1 last week, and it has involved a lot of tears. But for the second half of last week and today he has managed to go in without any crying or upset.

Gabe is a different matter though. I thought he was settling OK at his new nursery, and from what they’ve said he’s fine when he’s there. But the last few times he has been the crying has started as soon as he’s realised it’s a nursery day (usually when we’re dropping Toby off) and has still been going when I left him.

I just keep trying to reassure him that he’s going to have fun, and talk to him about all the nice things he’s already done. Fingers crossed he gets used to it soon because listening to him cry is so hard.

Gabe enjoying a windswept walk on the beach

He enjoyed his walk on the beach too though by all accounts. He’s such a little boy now – I can’t believe he’ll be at school this time next year though!

Living Arrows


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  1. Oh bless Gabe, he will settle into it. Hopefully sooner rather than later! It was so lovely to see you at BlogOn – I’m so sad I can’t make the FleaRetreat x

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