Review: Little Bird Told Me Softly Snail Baby on Board

Baby on Board sign

When we were asked to review this baby on board sign from Little Bird Told Me I was delighted, as the one we have currently has a serious design fault (more on that later) and I was hoping this one would be a better replacement. Little Bird Told Me is a fairly new company selling simple traditionally based toys both online and through selected retailers. They don’t stock a huge range, but looking at the website I’d be happy to buy (or be given!) any of the products that they sell. They’ve got some really lovely rocking horses – if anyone is feeling generous and wondering what Toby would like for Christmas (Nana?)

The Details

There’s not really much you can say about a baby on board sign – it does pretty much what it is supposed to do! It retails at a very reasonable £6 which seems to be the going rate for this style of sign. This one is very well made and lovely colours. It also matches the other ‘Softly Snail’ toys available from Little Bird Told Me.

Baby on Board sign

The Pros 

The sign is big enough to be seen from outside the car. It has stayed firmly stuck to the window since I put it in there last week. And most importantly it doesn’t suffer from the design flaw that our other sign has – that is when this sign is stuck in the window, the text which informs you there is a baby on board faces the outside world. Unlike our other one which, due to the way the sucker is attached, merely lets Toby know he is in the car – just in case he wasn’t sure.

The Cons


The Verdict

I would definitely recommend this sign. Although I haven’t seen any of the other products sold by Little Bird Told Me in the flesh the website is very user-friendly, the products are reasonably priced and there is a good selection available. I like the ethos of the company too – I much prefer more ‘traditional’ toys to battery powered plastic!


**Disclaimer: I was sent the Baby on Board sign in order to write this review and was able to keep it. However, all opinions are my own.

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