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After a slightly rocky start with weaning Toby now loves his food and especially likes things he can easily get his hands on and eat by himself. I’m always on the look out for new healthy snacks for him to try so when the opportunity came up to try some of Plum’s new Little Yums we were eager to give them a try.

The Details

Little Yums from Plum are wafers made from buckwheat, fruit and vegetables. They come in two flavours; spinach, apple and kale, and pumpkin and banana. Each box has six packets each containing three wafers. One box retails at around £2.50.

The Pros

  • I like how the wafers come in small packets inside each box – it makes them great for popping in your changing bag for a quick snack when out and about.
  • The wafers were easy for Toby to get hold of (although I had to snap one in half for him to be able to eat it).
  • I like that the wafers are made with all organic ingredients with no added salt or sugar.
  • The wafers made very little mess when Toby was eating them – there were very few crumbs or bits falling off. Also there aren’t any strong colours so he didn’t end up with a orange face as can happen after some snacks!

The Cons

  • The wafers were quite big so I had to snap them in half for Toby to eat them – it might be easier if they were more finger shaped.
  • The wafers don’t have a very strong flavour so if your baby is used to normal adult food (as Toby is) then they might not be that keen on them.
  • I thought the flavour combinations were a bit odd – I wouldn’t eat spinach, kale and apple so I don’t know why I would want to give that to my baby.

The Verdict

Plum Little Yums taste test

Well. Toby did eat a couple of the wafers but he really didn’t seem to like them very much. However, I know that this is just a matter of taste so in the interests of writing an honest review I also gave my friend Claire some Little Yums for her to try with her six month old twins who are just starting weaning – and by all accounts they went down very well. Claire liked the fact the wafers dissolved in the mouth and thought this made it easier for young babies to swallow. So overall I would say the Plum Little Yums are a handy snack product but perhaps more suited to younger babies, or babies who don’t like strong tasting food.

**Disclosure: I was sent two boxes of Plum Little Yums in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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9 thoughts on “Review: Plum Little Yums

  1. My two love the banana ones & still wolf them down at 10 month. They’re not keen on the spinach ones though. The issue I have is that no where stocks them x

  2. Oooh Angus has these it was actually one of the first finger foods he had he’s not overly keen on them but likes a chew on them when his gums are bothering him, otherwise he wants Organix (messy) carrot sticks lol xxx

  3. I had high hopes for these and some amazingly appeared in my house today. T wasn’t massively impressed. He ate one but I got the impression it was like eating an ice cream wafer without the ice cream.
    I love the individual packs it’s just a shame they weren’t tastier! x

  4. I actually have some of these for Annabelle to try! Cannot wait now, after this review. I’m sure she’ll loves them just as much as your little one. Great review. #Triedandtested

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