Pizza Express // Create your own pizza competition for kids

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Both my boys love pizza (who doesn’t?) and we have recently started making our own at home. Gabe especially likes kneading the dough and rolling it out ready to put the toppings on. For both boys the best bit about making pizza at home is that they can choose exactly what they want on it. If your kids like making pizzas like mine do then Pizza Express has just launched a competition perfect for all your budding pizzaiolos (that’s pizza chefs to you and me).

Pizza Express Piccolo Menu

Piccolo La Reine at Pizza Express


As much as the Toby and Gabe enjoy making pizza at home, they love eating out too and we know Pizza Express will always have something for us all to enjoy. After all, they were the people who first brought pizza to the UK in 1965 so they really know what they’re doing! They have a great kids’ menu too with mini versions of Pizza Express classics like Baked Dough Balls, La Reine pizza and the kids’ favourite bolognese.

Create Your Own Pizza Competition

Fun pizza making at Pizza Express

Pizza Express now want to add a new pizza to their Piccolo menu and they’re giving your children the chance to create it! All they need to do to enter is head to and choose their four favourite ingredients from 20 different options. Of course every good pizza needs an amazing name too so they’ll need to get their thinking caps on!

There will be 10 semi-finalists selected from across the country and then one final winner will be chosen by a panel of experts, headed up by Jane Treasure, Food & Beverage Director at PizzaExpress.

See your creation on the Pizza Express Menu

The winning pizza will be added to the Piccolo Menu and be hand crafted by the iconic Pizzaiolos at all 470 Pizza Express restaurants across the country. How exciting would that be? I know Toby and Gabe would love to see a pizza they created on the menu when we go out for dinner! Imagine going out for a meal and seeing the chefs in those fabulous open kitchens making your pizza!

Kids creating their own pizzas at Pizza Express

The Pizza Express create a pizza competition will run until Monday, 17 June inclusive and is open to all children under 13 years old. So don’t hang about, get yourself (and the kids) over to and get entering now!

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