Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (September 2018)

I can’t believe we’re at the end of September already! This month seems to have gone super quickly. It started with Toby going back to school and Gabe starting at his new nursery, and since then the weeks just seem to have flown by.

I wrote last week about Toby’s transition to Year 1 – it hasn’t been completely plain sailing and we’ve had quite a lot of tears. I spoke to one of teachers at the start of last week about a couple of things though and, fingers crossed, he has been a lot more settled. We didn’t have any tears for the rest of the week, and he has actually been running eagerly into school each morning. Here’s hoping it continues now!

Gabe has settled into his new nursery well too. He still cries most mornings when I drop him off, and he still moans that he doesn’t want to go a lot as well. But he has a great time when he’s there and seems to have really bonded with his new key worker so hopefully the rest will come in time.

It was Barry’s 40th birthday at the start of the month and we spent half the day in a meeting about our mortgage at the bank! We did have a nice lunch out though, and we’re going to be spending a weekend in London at the end of November to celebrate, and leaving the boys with my parents for two nights for the first time ever!

With the tiredness that has come with the return to school we haven’t really done much with our weekends this month though. I had a weekend in Manchester at BlogOn but other than that we haven’t really done a lot. This weekend we decided to go out to a local restaurant / cafe that we’ve never been to before. They got a new play area in the summer though that I had heard was good so we all had some cake and then the boys ran around to burn off their sugar energy!

That was where we grabbed this month’s Me & Mine pictures. It is still next to impossible to get Toby to just take a nice photo though! The first ones he insisted on holding to bottle tops in front of his eyes and we got this one…

Me & Mine September with Toby's silly face

And then I managed to convince him to lose the bottle tops but then he wouldn’t look at the camera!

Me & Mine September 2018

Oh well, you can’t win ’em all. We’ll try again next month!

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