Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (June 2018)

Although time is going really fast at the moment it actually feels like it’s been a while since I wrote last month’s Me & Mine post. At the start of this month we were just finishing up half term, and since then we’ve been struggling slightly with general end of term tiredness, and of course the amazing hot weather we’ve been having.

Barry and I had a night away at the beginning of the month – it was a treat for my birthday and the first time we’ve left the boys since I was pregnant with Gabe! They were both very well behaved for Grandma and Grandad – it’s much easier now Gabe sleeps through almost all the time now, and he also goes to sleep on his own in bed, rather than having to be lying in lap to do it.

The middle two weekends of this month were taking up with birthday parties for Toby’s classmates. I was a bit worried when he started school that he would be one of the younger ones, but actually I think more than half his class have summer birthdays so it’s really not been a problem.

With the lovely weather the boys have spent plenty of time playing in the garden – although I’m so paranoid about sunburn I’ve been trying to keep them in the shade as much as possible. My hayfever has been awful this month too so I’ve not really been wanting to spend too much time outside either, but despite that they’ve still managed to have fun playing with the water table.

Today we went to Decathlon in Warrington to look at bikes for Toby’s birthday, and then Gabe just got on one and started pedalling away (with stabilisers) so we decided we’d get him one for his birthday too. We’ll probably give it to him at the same time as Toby gets his though, because we’re actually going to be on holiday for Gabe’s birthday, and also he’s nearly three and doesn’t really understand waiting!

We hadn’t managed to take any Me & Mine pictures this month so we just grabbed these quick selfies before we got back in the car to come home.

Me and Mine June 2018

It was so sunny we’re all squinting but actually I quite like them…

Me and Mine family selfie June 2018

Until next month then, when we’ll be two weeks into the summer holidays and about to head off to France. And we’ll also be the proud owners of a five year old!

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  1. I really like the unplanned photos as much as some of the pre planned ones. There’s a real honesty of everyday life with them which I really like. Well done Gabe on peddling that bike, my 4 year old still can not do it and it’s a shame because he’s got his birthday bike that he just can’t use.

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