Looking back at 2017 // Hopes, plans and goals

Back in January last year I wrote a post about my hopes, plans and goals for 2017. Now I have to be honest and admit I never really looked at it again for the rest of the year but I did kind of have some of the things in the back of my mind as the year went on.

Anyway, I decided that before I started making some new plans for 2018 I would take a look back and see how I got on with my 2017 goals, plans and hopes…

2017 Goals - How did I do?

  • Keep blogging –  Yep, I’m still here!
  • Grow my readership – Sort of – it’s been a bit up and down to be honest. On average though I think I’ve had more page views this year than last.
  • Grow my following on social media – I’ve definitely done this. I didn’t reach the 5000 followers on Instagram that I’d hoped for but I’ve increased my follower numbers on all the social media platforms I use.
  • Earn money every month – I only had one month in 2017 when I didn’t earn anything at all so I’m pretty happy with this one.
  • Lose weight – Check! You can read what I’ve been doing in my Fit by 40 posts but I lost 31 lb in the second half of 2017. I’ve put a bit of it back on over Christmas but I’ve got a plan to get back to where I was over the next few weeks. Of all my goals this is probably the one I am most pleased about – it’s really helped me feel better about myself.

My plans were really just how I actually wanted to achieve my goals, and as you can see above I managed to put most of them into practice.


And lastly my hopes for 2017 were…

  • I hope Gabe starts sleeping through the night – and at last he has! He still wakes occasionally but it only takes a few minutes to get him back to sleep again. This holiday I’ve actually been having to wake him up in the mornings – some days he’s slept until 10 am!
  • I hope that Barry and I can start having the odd night out together – well we went to see the new Star Wars film a few weeks ago but that was the first time we’d been out together all year. This is definitely one to keep working on in 2018.
  • I hope Toby settles well and enjoys going to school when he starts in September. He’s certainly done this. We had a slightly shaky start but he was great by half term, and just the other day he told me he loves school and is looking forward to going back after the holidays.
  • I hope my boys continue to develop the relationship that I can already see glimpses of. Toby and Gabe have a typical sibling relationship I think. They love each other like nothing else but they also wind each other up all the time! The dynamic has definitely changed this year now Gabe can talk and stand up for himself more. I’m sure things will continue to change as they both get older but hopefully they’ll always keep loving each other as much as they do now.
  • I hope that by losing some weight and making time for me I can start to reclaim a little bit of myself – be a tiny bit less mummy and a tiny bit more Sarah again. This one is a bit of a work in progress but I’m getting there.

So it seems that, through no fault of my own, I actually managed to achieve quite a lot of my goals and hopes for 2017! And I want to thank every one of you that has read Toby Goes Bananas over the last year, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you.

I’ll be back soon with a post all about my goals for 2018 – I hope you stick around to hear what I have planned for the coming year.

14 thoughts on “Looking back at 2017 // Hopes, plans and goals

  1. It’s a great feeling when we feel we’ve accomplished what we set out to do. It was lovely to meet you on the boat during the year. May you have a wonderful 2018. #ShareYourYear

  2. Oh gosh, your hopes for 2017 are pretty much my goals for 2018! Carving out time for a monthly date night is top of our list – we started early in December with Star Wars, which was also our first date night all year! I’m glad to hear Gabe is sleeping through the night – you give me hope, as right now my nights are not good. And Max will be starting school in September and I’m already nervous about it – he just seems so little still. Well done on achieving so many of your goals, that’s really impressive! I’m maintaining Instagram goals don’t count – I also put a number on followers I wanted by the end of 2017 and failed miserably! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Yay to Gabe sleeping through, that is a massive win for the year! You done so well with your weight and when I saw you at BlogOn you looked amazing. Can’t wait to see what your goals are for this year. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. Our Isabelle hasn’t slept through the night yet, she’s 8 months and still sleeps with us though, so we’re ok with that one. And I pretty much have some similar blog goals for this year that you’ve had, not that I can control a lot of it haha

  5. Well done on achieving so many of your goals without even thinking about it! Totally amazed that you made money every month last year – I have to get on to that too for the coming year.
    Funny how it’s only in 2017, by taking my blog to the next level and starting doing things for myself (swimming mostly), that I’ve finally become less mummy and more myself again. You’ll get there too!

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