18 for 2018 // Looking back on last year’s goals

In January last year I wrote a post about my goals for 2018. I even managed to come up with 18. But now the year is over, and before I write about my goals for 2019, it’s time for me to have a look back on last year’s goals and see how I did. I wrote a similar post in 2017 and managed to meet most of those goals so it will be interesting to see how I fared in 2018.


So let’s get down to it…

18 for 2018 - Looking back on last year's goals

Get to goal weight and maintain

Errm, nope. I actually weigh slightly more now than I did at the start of last year. But… I have been doing intermittent fasting all year and after I had my 40 year old health check a few months ago it turns out that internally I am super healthy! I am convinced that this is down to intermittent fasting, and I have seen lots of other benefits too – my skin is better, I haven’t had an eczema flair up for months and months. The hard skin on my feet has all but disappeared too. My hair and nails grow quicker and stronger than they have before. My gums are healthy for the first time ever. My eyesight has improved. And all of this is down to fasting. So although I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to (yet) I’m definitely sticking with it.

Use my FitBit to increase my activity

I’m not sure I’ve actually increased my activity since getting my FitBit but I’m definitely more aware of it and use the hourly reminders to help me get off my bum a bit more.

Get back to regular yoga practise

I haven’t done as much yoga at home as I would have liked to but in October I started going to a weekly yoga class and I love it. I’ve just started the Yoga with Adriene new 30 day yoga journey too (although I’m not doing it every day) so I’ll see that through to the end too.

Read 12 books

I read 16. Nailed it! My goal for 2019 is to read 24.

Try new meals once a month

We definitely didn’t manage this one. I think I made a couple of new things last year – toad in the hole was one of them, and homemade pizza was the other that I can think of. This one is a work in progress.

Go to the cinema

I managed to go to the cinema few times last year. I saw The Greatest Showman in January, and then A Star is Born later in the year. And last week I took my mum to see Mary Poppins Returns.

Stop feeling guilty

Another work in progress I think. I’m trying and I think I probably do feel less guilty these days about things like staying at home for a whole weekend, or letting the boys play on their tablets for ages. I don’t think the guilt of motherhood ever really leaves you but I’m probably in a better place with it than I was 12 months ago.



Mostly. I still don’t moisturise every day but I do it more than I did.

Go to bed at a sensible time

No! I’m still rubbish at this. As evidenced by the fact I am writing this sentence at 10:50 pm and probably won’t go to bed at least until this post is finished.

Celebrate my 40th birthday

I did! I went out for a lovely meal with all my family in my favourite restaurant which was exactly what I wanted to do.

Have afternoon tea

I did this twice! Once with my mum as a Mother’s Day treat, and the second time was for my friend’s birthday. They were both yummy and I’d like to make twice yearly (at least) afternoon teas a feature of my life from now on!

Afternoon tea at The Barn at Scorton - one of my 18 goals for 2018

Spa day

I had a lovely spa day at Ribby Hall with some of my blogging friends back in March so I can tick this one off.

Have more date nights

We didn’t have loads of date nights but I think we managed a couple of meals out, and a few hours in the pub last week. We did make a bit more effort to sit and watch a film or a few episodes of something on TV together every week last year though and it’s something we’ll definitely carry on.

Have a child-free night away together

We did do this. Twice in fact. The first one was a slightly belated birthday celebration in June. We stayed at a hotel which is only about 20 minutes from where we live but it was lovely, and the boys were absolutely fine without us! Which meant we were more confident to book a weekend in London at the start of December to celebrate Barry’s 40th birthday. It didn’t go entirely to plan but it has definitely proven we can leave the boys and so hopefully we’ll get to do it a bit more from now on.

More family days out

We did have quite a lot of family days out in 2018. We went to The World Museum in Liverpool at the start of the year. We explored York and Knaresborough on our holiday at Easter, and looked for the Highway Rat in Gisburn Forest on our way there. We went to Spaceport in Wallasey a few months ago, and then last week went to Eureka! in Halifax. Oh, and of course we’ve started using our National Trust membership that was a Christmas gift from my parents. Our first visit was actually last month to Quarry Bank Mill, and we’ve used it a couple more times since then too. I’m sure we’ve done lots of other things too but those are the ones that spring to mind.

Toby and Gabe with a dinosaur at the World Museum Liverpool

Film more vlogs

Nope. I do like filming videos but just never seem to have the time or the motivation.

Keep blogging

Yes! I’m still here. I published 166 posts last year and in October my blog celebrated its 5th birthday… and I’m very pleased with that.

Look back on my goals regularly

Sort of. I didn’t go back to my post very often but I had most of my goals in the back of my mind, and I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve done. I didn’t quite meet all of them but I’m happy with the ones I did. Now I just need to think of some more for 2019!


Did you set goals for 2018? I’d love to hear how you did so please do leave me a comment and let me know. And if you’d like to read some other bloggers reviews of 2018 then you can have a look at Lauren’s ‘Share Your Year’ linky here.


2 thoughts on “18 for 2018 // Looking back on last year’s goals

  1. See I don’t think I looked back at my ‘goals’ post at all once i’d written it, apart from at the end of the year… so i’m not bothering this year! You did really well actually with your goals, glad you got the spa day and the nights away especially! Thanks for joining in with #ShareYourYear!

  2. That’s pretty good progress. I don’t even set official ones, just have vague ones. I’m already behind with my reading this year – usually I’m well ahead of where I should be by the end of the Christmas holidays.

    I’m with you on the vlogs. The only way I get round to doing them is to film on my phone which makes the videos for me pulling videos and photos together. Otherwise I never get round to editing.

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