Living Arrows 9/53 (2018)

Well, this week has not been the most fun in our house. On Monday night, just as we were tidying up and about to start getting the boys ready for bed, Gabe decided to jump off the sofa. He has done it a million times before and has always been fine but this time he landed and then started crying.

Usually when he hurts himself Gabe will cry for a minute or two and then he’ll be OK but this time he just didn’t stop crying. And he couldn’t really put any weight on his right foot. We got him ready for bed and although he calmed down a little bit he was still moaning in pain. So we decided a trip to A&E was probably in order. Of course being bedtime he was shattered any way, but we’d given him some Nurofen and that seemed to perk him up a bit. The hospital is about 20 minutes away so it was nearly 7:30 pm when we got there.

We actually were seen pretty quickly – we saw a nurse, had an X-ray, found out Gabe had broken his first metatarsal (the big toe bone in his foot), and got a plaster cast put on all in about an hour and a half. They said he would probably need the cast for 2 to 3 weeks and we have to go back to the fracture clinic on Friday to see how he’s doing.

But as you can imagine, having a two and a half year old in a cast up to his knee that he’s not supposed to walk on has not made for the most fun of weeks! He’s actually coping remarkably well, and he even went to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday, but we have had quite a lot of grumpy moments. He’ll be OK for a while and then remember about his cast and starting crying ‘I don’t want it!’

We did make it to swimming on Friday, thanks to a cast cover that was sent to us by Bloccs and although he couldn’t really kick his leg at least he was in the water and able to do something!

Gabe at the pool with his cast protector on

With all the drama about Gabe’s leg, Toby has had to take a bit of a back seat this week. He enjoyed going back to school and getting back into his routine. They have been learning about Chinese New Year this week and he surprised us by actually trying some Chinese food on Friday. Part of his homework this weekend was to make a model of a dragon – luckily he got some new LEGO when we went to Manchester last week. It was one of the 3 in 1 Creator sets – he had already made a spider and one of the other models was a dragon, so he spent the weekend building it…

Toby and his LEGO dragon

Hopefully by next week we’ll have some better news about Gabe’s foot, and we’ll have survived World Book Day (I have to admit to making minimal effort with costumes as neither of my boys are very big fans of dressing up!). I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with though!

Living Arrows

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  1. Oh gosh, poor Gabe! It must be so hard for them to understand why they’ve got this giant cast on their leg. That cast cover is really good though and at least he got to go swimming. I hope it all heals up fast.

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