Living Arrows 46/53 (2018)

Another week over already. Toby is very much on the countdown to Christmas already and has been writing his letter to Father Christmas this week. I think we’ll manage with most things he’s asked for, except perhaps the pet tortoise!

It’s been a quiet week for us really. Toby had a ‘Wheel-a-thon’ at school on Thursday to raise money for Children in Need. All the children at his school took in bikes, scooters or anything with wheels and between them travelled the equivalent of the distance from Blackpool to London. At first Toby didn’t want to do it because he kept saying he might get tired. After a bit of probing it turned out he thought he was actually going to have to scoot all the way to London and he didn’t think he’d make it! To us it might seem ridiculous but I suppose it made perfect sense to him. Anyway, after I set him straight he was happy to take part so all was well in the end.

Toby sitting on the stairs at home

I took this week’s Living Arrows pictures at home this weekend. I was taking some photos for a toy review we’re doing so had the proper camera out. Toby looks very serious here, and is sporting the slightly wonky haircut I’d just given him.

Gabe looking cheery

Gabe is looking a lot more cheery though. He’d just had a haircut too, after a bit of protesting! I wonder how long I’ll get away with cutting their hair myself for?

Living Arrows


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  1. I am so not ready for Christmas. My plan is to start thinking about it this week… nothing like a late prep! Aww love their haircuts. Monkey had one this week too although I had no control over the amount that was taken off! I am not sure they would sit still enough for me x

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