Back to school organisation // How to label school supplies

Having your kids’ school supplies labeled is very important if you don’t want to keep replacing stuff you’ve already bought. No matter how many times you replace them, one thing is very sure: kids will always lose things at school. As a parent you’re probably not only thinking about your commitment and responsibility to your kids’ education, you’re most likely worried about the stress that comes with school time too.

Getting them ready for school each day and making sure they did their homework are not the only things that await you. You may have spent a lot of money replacing school supplies that your kids lost in school, and now that another school year is here,  you’re probably dreading having to go through that process again.

Uniform ready to be labelled

After promising to be more careful each time, your kids still come back home with smiles on their faces and announce to you that they’ve lost something again. The truth remains that parents who label their kids’ school supplies hardly have this experience. You can join them too and learn to save money for other things.

Schools always recommend that you label your child’s school supplies. They certainly have had many cases of kids who constantly lose their stuff, making their parents spend a fortune replacing their school supplies. Before you go ahead to tag your children as “careless” though I have one question for you; did this not happen to you as a kid?

I would lose things at school when I was little and it didn’t matter how many times my mum told me off it still happened. Then my mum realised that telling me off wouldn’t help but she knew something that would – labelling my things!

Mind you, I still forgot things and lost stuff, but now, whenever I dropped something, whoever found it could easily read the name on the label and get it back to me. Many parents today are also employing this tactic, and it has been helping them save money while keeping their kids’ school supplies organised.

Are you having the same problem?

Here are a few ideas on how to label your children’s school supplies.

Use a permanent marker

You can easily get these from supermarkets or online. With a permanent maker, you can carefully write the name of your child on all their school things and be sure that it will not wash off nor fade easily. For their uniforms and other clothing, use a laundry marker. It is also a permanent marker but it’s specifically made for writing on clothing. They are friendly on the pocket too.

Get some fabric paint

 As the name suggests, this paint is made for use on fabrics. So simply get one, and write your child’s name in the inside of their clothing. It’s easy to use – and cheap too!

Use iron-on labels for a more permanent effect

The first two options are good for the job, but if you prefer something fancier and even more permanent, then go for the iron-on labels. They are beautiful and most times, are already pre-printed with your child’s name on it, and what’s more? You can apply them to your child’s clothes without much effort.

Masking Tape

This is probably one of the cheapest things you could do. All you have to is get some masking tape, stick a piece of it onto your child’s school stuff. Next, write the name of the child on the tape, and you’re good to go, or rather, your child is good to go. Mind you, it may not look classy, but it sure does the job.

Get a labelling machine

If you have more than one child’s school stuff to label, a labelling machine could come in handy. It lets you do a fast and clean job, saving you a lot of time and taking the stress out of it. It produces labels that are laminated and water-resistant. The labels last too.

Cloth labels

These labels are made of fabric, and you could get the supplier to print your child’s name on them. Alternatively, you could write the name yourself and then sew the label onto your child’s uniforms and other school clothing.


There you have it! Now you can label your child’s school supplies and finally put an end to spending money replacing an item over and over again. Which option is it going to be?

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