Living Arrows 43/52 (2017)

Another week done, no half term for us yet though – Toby has still got another week at school to go before he breaks up. We’ve not been up to much this week, other than school and swimming. We had a quiet weekend at home too – I don’t know about you but we got a bit battered by Storm Brian so it really wasn’t the weather for going out!

On Saturday we had pancakes for breakfast and then managed a trip to the garden centre in the afternoon. And then yesterday the boys had an afternoon bath – something that is becoming a bit of a weekend ritual, it’s so much easier than when they’re super tired at bedtime!

I also needed to take some photos for a review, and even though there wasn’t much light this afternoon it was a bit better than it would have been by bedtime. The boys love having a bath together these days, and it’s one of the only places that they rarely fight!

I actually love both these pictures, it’s not always easy to capture genuine expressions anymore but these ones are fab…

Toby in the bath

Gabe in the bath

Living Arrows

9 thoughts on “Living Arrows 43/52 (2017)

  1. They look like they’re having a great time. I find that J will happily spend an hour or so in the bath in the afternoon – sometimes it’s just what’s needed for everyone!

  2. I love your photos, and completely understand what you mean about it being so hard to capture expressions, but they are my favourite kind of photograph. Sometimes the quiet weekends are the best x

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