Am I depriving my child of superheroes?

Toby is four years and three months old. He’s never dressed up as Superman, or Spiderman or Batman – to be honest I’d be surprised if he even knew who they were. He doesn’t want to be Ironman, or a Power Ranger, he only became aware of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles about a month ago.

I have to admit this is mostly intentional. I have nothing against a good superhero and I’m sure he’ll see all the films and become aware of all these characters in time. But for now, while I can get away with him only watching CBeebies and thinking the Go Jetters are the best superheros there are, then that’s what I’m going to do.

I mentioned in my post about screen time that Toby and Gabe have recently become aware of the existence of Netflix and Amazon Prime, but for now all they want to watch is dinosaur programmes, and I’m (mostly) happy with that. I’m happy that they don’t get to see adverts and aren’t pestering me for the latest giant plastic toy that everyone has to have this Christmas.

But am I depriving my children by not allowing them to be exposed to the same things their friends are? Is Toby missing out because he doesn’t know about all the same things as the other kids at school?

Super T - Toby's very own superhero

For the moment I don’t think he either knows or cares. We went to a ‘Princesses and Superheroes’ party before the summer – among the Spidermen and Ironmen, there was Toby in his Super T costume that I got him for Christmas when he was two. He ignored it for over six months, and then he loved it. He would chase round the house and the garden shouting ‘Super T, to the rescue’ and it was the cutest thing.

And if he’s happy with that, then so am I.

Do your kids love superheroes? Or are they like mine and oblivious to them all?


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5 thoughts on “Am I depriving my child of superheroes?

  1. My 5 year old daughter’s not oblivious to them but doesn’t know much about them either. She has a book about female superheroes and a Super Girl costume, but hasn’t seen any films or read any comics. I kind of think she’s still a bit young for the violent side of the stories. And like you I don’t want to have to buy lots of stuff. It’s tricky because she is interested in superheroes but I don’t know how to introduce her to more in an age appropriate way. I think your approach is sensible, if he doesn’t seem bothered don’t worry about it!

  2. Oh I just LOVE super T! Excellent idea. My boy knows some superheros through Lego but in general he just plays at goodies and baddies. #blogtober17

  3. N can’t stand them. He did watch Spiderman film a couple of years ago. But he refuses to go to any superhero parties, turned down a party bag at a party because he didn’t want a superhero water bottle and just generally isn’t impressed with friends who’re obsessed with them. He’s the same with football though – not keen on that either.

  4. I soooo get this post! Tyler didn’t have a clue about any superheroes when he was four. And then he started Reception and it was their big topic in class, suddenly he was loving Captain America and Iron Man and Super Man. So don’t worry, Toby won’t be deprived, the school will teach him!! #Blogtober17

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