Living Arrows 4/52 (2020)

It’s Monday, which means it must be Living Arrows time. There’s not much to report here again this week. We’ve all got colds – well the boys and I have, Barry seems to have escaped it so far, so I’ve spent this weekend feeling a bit sorry for myself.

On Saturday morning I took Gabe to hospital to see an ENT doctor. We went to see our GP in September because he kept having nosebleeds all the time but it had taken until now for the referral to come through.

The doctor did say he has a prominent blood vessel in one nostril which will make him more prone to having nosebleeds. At the moment though they don’t need to do anything about it unless they get a lot worse. I suspected that’s what the doctor would say, but it was nice to get some reassurance.

We were in and out at the hospital so quickly that we had time to get to the boys’ swimming lessons. When we got back they both had homework today. Luckily at the moment they are both reasonably happy to do homework without too much complaining, so we’re enjoying that while it lasts!

We had another quiet day at home yesterday too. Toby and Gabe had both been asking to play with Toby’s wooden bow and arrow for the last few days. It was always at bedtime, or when it was already dark whenever they asked so we made sure we got out to have a go with it yesterday.

Of course by the time they had got coats and boots on it had started raining so we didn’t end up staying for very long. It was long enough for them both to have a go though.

Gabe really struggles to fire the arrow on his own. I think he can’t quite manage to let go of the string quick enough so the arrow doesn’t really go anywhere. I love his trying face in this picture though…

A boy in a red coat with a wooden bow and arrow
He was trying so hard, bless him

Toby did half a term of archery at an after school club last year, and even though this was just a little wooden bow and arrow I was impressed with how well he did. The boys were trying to get the arrows to stick to our wheelie bin and Toby managed to do it every time!

A boy in a navy coat with red sleeves pulling back on a wooden bow and arrow
Toby is actually a really good archer!

That’s all for this week. I’ve got an exciting few days ahead – I’m off to London for my Christmas present. I’m off to London, seeing three musicals, and having two night of lovely peace in a hotel on my own! Daddy is going to be in charge at home, and having to do all the school runs which he never normally does. I’m sure they’ll all cope fine without me though!

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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Living Arrows

5 thoughts on “Living Arrows 4/52 (2020)

  1. Cute photos as ever! Like your Gabe, my Lily is very prone to nosebleeds and has had to have her nose cauterized a couple of times now. She has them way less now then she did when she was younger but still gets them on the odd occasion, especially when it’s hot and dry. Hopefully Gabe’s nosebleeds will lessen and he won’t ever need to have anything done about it.

  2. Oh I love Gabe’s face – he really is trying with all his might! Athena and Troy love a bow and arrow too. It’s always exciting when we go to a National Trust that has archery lessons for the children! x

  3. I love little Gabe’s face! My girls love doing archery in the garden with a set they have. I hope you had a great time in London, sounds amazing x

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