Living Arrows 35/53 (2018)

After coming back from our holidays last week we’ve had a very quiet week at home this week. We haven’t done much beyond a trip to the supermarket and a visit to the library. I think we all needed a bit of down time to rest and recover after being away.

We really have just spent this week catching up on washing, shopping, cleaning, and the boys have spent far too much time watching TV and playing on their tablets. Oh, and I gave them both haircuts too.

Toby showing off the gap in his teeth

There’s nowhere near as much fighting between Toby and Gabe as there was at the beginning of the holidays, I think they’re really going to miss each other when they go back to school and nursery next week. They’ll have a bit of practice tomorrow though as Toby is off to summer camp for the day and Gabe has got a settling in session at his new nursery so fingers crossed they both enjoy themselves!

My little Gabey

Living Arrows


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