Getting ready for preschool // with My NameTags

After five weeks of holiday we now only have one week to go before Toby goes back to school and Gabe starts at his new nursery. He was going to the local preschool last year but as it is only open for 18 hours a week and we are entitled to the 30 funded hours he is moving to a different private nursery where he will be going into the preschool room.

The nursery is much bigger than the one he was going to before so it’s extra important that we make sure everything is labelled. Actually, thinking about it, in all the nurseries the boys have been too (Toby went to three different ones, and this will be Gabe’s fourth) I can’t remember losing anything except a small cuddly toy that Toby used to take when he was really little. I think that’s pretty good going!

As we head towards the end of the holidays we are starting to get Gabe ready for preschool. We have been talking about it quite a lot, and he seems excited to start. Because his previous preschool was in one room in the local community centre and didn’t have a lot of outdoor space I think he was starting to get a bit bored of the lack of variety. There is a lot more to do at the new nursery and tons of things to do outside so I think he’s going to really enjoy it.

Gabe all ready to go to preschool

Next week Toby is going to be going to a summer camp at his school for a couple of days, which will hopefully help get him back into the school mindset, and Gabe has got two settling in sessions at his new nursery. With that in mind I decided it was time to get his nursery bag ready and make sure everything was labelled with his name – we don’t want to break our record of not losing things!

Getting ready for preschool with MyNameTags

Gabe has recently potty trained so in his bag I’ve put a few pairs of spare pants, and a spare outfit too. I’ll probably put another pair of trousers in there too just to be on the safe side. At this time of year you never know what the weather is going to be like so I’ve put a sun hat and sun cream in his bag, but also a warm hat and gloves too! He’s got his water bottle in there, although I still have to find out if he actually needs to take it. I’ll also be sending him with waterproof dungarees and wellies too so he’s ready for all weathers.

Name labels in spare clothes for preschool

I’ve put name labels in everything in his bag – it’s so easy just to stick the stickers onto the labels of clothes, much easier than sewing in labels like my mum used to do!

Last year we were sent some labels for Toby from My Nametags and they were so fab we’ve got some more this year. All the labels I put on Toby’s uniform are still there, as well as the ones on coats, shoes, bags and even his water bottle. As you can see it’s looking a bit battered but he took it to school for every day of Reception and on lots of days out too, it’s been washed countless times and the label is still stuck fast.

Toby's water bottle with MyNameTags still stuck after a year

I ordered Toby another set of labels the same as the ones he had last year so they would be easy for him to recognise and we also got a set of labels for Gabe. You can choose any colour background, along with a picture (there are absolutely loads to choose from) and can add up to three lines of text. We’ve just got the boys’ names but you could add a phone number or class name too if you wanted.

So with everything labelled and packed we’re all set for Gabe’s preschool settling in sessions next week. I hope it doesn’t take him too long to get used to this nursery – we are all too familiar with tears at drop off but I’m hoping there’ll be enough there to engage him that he will be happy about staying without me! Wish us look and I’m sure I’ll be letting you know how it goes soon enough.


**We were sent the featured products in exchange for this post. As always all opinions are my own.

16 thoughts on “Getting ready for preschool // with My NameTags

  1. I am a list writer. It’s not hard to get it all sorted really, you know it’s coming so have plenty of time to prepare. I only replace stuff as and when not just because it’s a new year/term.

  2. Label everything! And have everything ready the day before, there is nothing worse than searching for a missing item just before school starts!

  3. Read books with stories about children’s first days at school. Talk to them and get them to ask questions / raise concerns. Make sure everything prepared and organised – e.g. school uniform, packed lunch, packing school bag the night before etc.

  4. Preparation and planning! Make sure you have lists of ‘to do’ and ‘to buy’ and give yourself plenty of time to get everything done. No last minute rushes!

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