Living Arrows 34/53 (2018)

These Living Arrows posts seem to be coming round so often at the moment! I think being on holiday has made time both slow down and speed up too somehow! We came back from France yesterday so are mostly spending today just relaxing at home (apart from Barry who was up at 5:30 am this morning to go back to work) – the boys are loving getting to play with all their toys again.

We had to get up early yesterday after a night in an airport hotel. The flight home was fine (no unexpected bird strikes this time) apart from Gabe having another nose bleed on the plane after his one during the night while we were away. Luckily it stopped pretty quickly this time.

This week’s Living Arrows pictures were taken during our last week in the Dordogne. We went to the Chateau de Castelnaud – it was a great place to visit with the kids with lots for them to see but it was very hot and very busy. We were there quite late in the day too so the boys were starting to get tired and hungry.

Gabe's cheeky face at the Chateau de Castelnaud in France

Gabe is such a cheeky chops though – he’s been a superstar on holiday, coping with late nights, days out, hot weather and potty training on top of it too!

Toby inside a canon at Chateau de Castelnaud

Toby has generally been good on holiday too – we’ve had quite a lot of moaning and whinging though. In fact, he didn’t want to come to the castle at all when we suggested it but he had a fab time when we got there (just like we told him he would). There were lots of things to see and do – and he loved climbing right inside this cannon. And looking at this he really needs a haircut!

We’ve got a couple of weeks now before we’re back to school and nursery – this week will be a quiet one, and then next week Toby has got a couple of days at a summer camp and Gabe should be having some settling in sessions at his new nursery too.

I’ve really enjoyed our holiday but I’m starting to look towards the return to the school routine again now. I hope we can make the most of these next two weeks though and not wish the rest of the holidays away.

Living Arrows


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  1. Love that photo of Toby! We had wanted to potty train M this holiday, but she just doesn’t seem ready yet. We bought some potties but she’s taken no interest whatsoever. Hopefully she’ll be ready soon as when you add B into the equation, we’re spending a fortune on nappies at the moment (not to mention my landfill guilt) xx #LivingArrows

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