Living Arrows 22/52 (2017)

We’ve had another fairly quiet week this week. Gabe’s sleep has been a bit all over the place – on Thursday night I only got four hours sleep after Toby woke up with a bad dream and then he woke Gabe up and I ended up not getting to bed until 2:30 am and Gabe woke up again at 6:30 am. But then on Friday night he slept from 8 pm until almost 7 am, and in his own bed even! It seems it was another one off though as the next night we were just back to normal wake ups.

Yesterday was my birthday so after Barry got up with the boys and I had a lie in we had a fairly quiet day at home before heading to my mum and dad’s for a BBQ. On Saturday Toby helped me make my birthday cake – he loves chocolate cake, and also loves purple so we ended up with a chocolate cake with purple butter cream that you can see over on my Instagram if you want to have a look.

Of course Toby’s favourite part was getting to lick the spoon after we’d made the cake batter!

Toby with a chocolatey face after licking the spoon while making birthday cake.

Toby and Gabe love playing in my mum and dad’s garden – there’s plenty of space for them to run around even if their proximity to the two ponds do give me regular heart attacks. My dad has got a log cabin workshop at the bottom of the garden which is full of all kinds of danger but he always seems to find random things in there for the boys to play with.

This time he found some sort of red fabric bag which quickly became a superhero cape – Gabe was having an absolute whale of a time running about with it streaming out behind him!

Gabe playing superheroes in Grandma and Grandad's garden

He then cried all the way home for no reason, but hey, you can’t win ’em all!

Until next week…


Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 22/52 (2017)

  1. Aw, I hope the sleep settles down again, sounds like it’s improving. We’ve had a few nights like that lately. We love baking together – licking the spoon is definitely the best part!!! x #LivingArrows

  2. Any bit of flappy material in this household will ALWAYS end up as a superhero cape of some kind. We have even been known to have to make capes for the kids soft toys too!

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