Living Arrows 20/52 (2016)

If you read this post you’ll know we’ve been having a pretty rubbish time of things recently. However, as I write this Gabe has finally got over his stomach bug or teething or whatever it was that was making his nappies so awful. The last couple of nights he’s actually slept reasonably well, for him, and even though he had me up at 5:30 am when he’s this cute you don’t mind too much. Of course now we’re just waiting to see how long it is before the chicken pox shows up but at least we might manage a few days without too much grumpiness.

20_52 16 G

And as for Toby; he is coping remarkably well with his chicken pox although thankfully I don’t think he has too bad a case. He is a bit up and down, one minute he’s tired and lying in front of the TV and the next he’s charging around the house, like when I grabbed this shot.

20_52 16 T

A lot of his spots have crusted over now so I’m just hoping the rest of them do soon so he can at least enjoy a couple of days of our holiday at Center Parcs. And just cross your fingers that Gabe doesn’t show any symptoms until after we’re home!

Living Arrows

10 thoughts on “Living Arrows 20/52 (2016)

  1. Oh bless you all, chicken pox is horrid! I really hope you do manage to have a good holiday, centre par so is my favourite. Both your boys are looking very cute though, I love Gabe’s sleepsuit. We’ve never had chicken pox so far and I’m always terrified because I know when it’s happens we’re going to be hit with a triple whammy of all three kids at once. At least you’ll have it out of the way soon xx

  2. Oh what a time you’ve had! I hope you catch a break and enjoy your time at Centre Parcs 🙂 They looks like very happy little patients here though 🙂 x x #livingarrows

  3. I feel your pain! Our little guy had a tummy bug for a couple of weeks too and I was so sick of washing vests, clothes, sleeping bags! Then he got over that and now he’s full of cold. I hope they both stay well and you have a lovely time away x

  4. Oh gosh it really sounds like you have all been having a terrible time of it lately, I hope these gorgeous boys are better soon. I love how they are still such happy little boys in these pictures. Xx #livingarrows

  5. I thought that my eldest had chicken pox earlier this week but it didn’t progress so I think we’ve escaped it for now, which I am quite relieved about. Love the opportunist nature of these pictures. Really hope manage to have a wonderful holiday xx

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