Living Arrows 2/52 (2020)

And just like that we’re back to normal. Toby and Gabe have been back at school for a week and we’re pretty much settled back into our routine. There was a bit of grumbling from them both last week but on the whole it’s been quite stress-free.

On Saturday the boys were back at their swimming lessons where I took this week’s pictures. I’m so pleased with how they’re both getting on now. I wrote a while ago about the different experiences we have had with the boys swimming lessons, and since then we have moved Toby again and Gabe also swims at the same time as him.

Blonde boy grinning
A big grin from Gabe before his swimming lesson

This is the third place that Toby has gone for lessons and I think we’ve finally found somewhere that he can make good progress. It’s a small pool with no other distractions which is really important for him. There are also usually three teachers in the water with 5 or 6 children so they are swimming for the whole of the lesson.

Toby got his 25 metres badge just before Christmas, and that has also meant he has done everything he needs to for his Stage 1 Swimmer badge at Beavers too. He definitely didn’t take to swimming as quickly as some of his peers but I feel like after two and a half years of lessons we’re finally getting somewhere!

Now I just need to convince to let me take a nice picture too!

Boy smiling with his hand in front of his face
One day Toby might let me take a nice picture!

Gabe is making great progress too. He’s happy in the pool and at last is starting to get used to putting his face in the water, and getting water in his ears too. It’s not only helping his swimming but making bath time a lot easier too!

I hope you’ve all had a good first week back at school and I’ll see you all again for another Living Arrows post next week.

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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Living Arrows

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2/52 (2020)

  1. Great news about their swimming progress. My eldest sounds the same as Toby being easily distracted. We moved elsewhere and he is now doing brilliantly.

    Having lessons at the same time must make it so much easier for you? #LivingArrows

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