Living Arrows 2/52 (2018)

As I write this I am preparing for our return to the routine of school and preschool runs tomorrow. Toby didn’t break up for Christmas until 23rd December so we’ve had another full week at home this last week. It was a bit like the week before though to be honest, we didn’t really get up to much!

We did brave a trip to IKEA on Tuesday with both boys, and my mum and dad who kindly came along in their camper van so we could fit our new sofa bed in it to bring it home. It was a fairly successful trip apart from Toby leaving his stuffed dinosaur somewhere in the shop and we didn’t realise for ages. Both Barry and my dad went to look for it and couldn’t find it which led to a very upset four year old. But then while we were queuing to get lunch my dad went for another look and miraculously found it! And that is why we don’t usually let the boys take toys into shops – lesson definitely learned.

Barry went back to work on Thursday and on Friday I decided I would take Toby and Gabe to soft play, which we haven’t done for ages. To be honest it wasn’t one of my best ideas. It was really busy, Gabe probably hasn’t been to soft play for over a year, I couldn’t be with them both at the same time, Gabe was too scared to really do anything and Toby was bored exploring by himself. Not one of my better ideas, still at least it got us our of the house!

Toby enjoying some fresh air at the park

On Saturday we all got some much needed fresh air at the park, but again we were frustrated by both Toby and Gabe being scared – the most annoying part is that they are scared of things they would happily do 6 months ago. I’m sure there’s a blog post in it somewhere…

Gabe exploring at the parkThey seemed to enjoy it anyway and getting out did us all good, and at least it meant we didn’t all have to play bingo again for the 50th time at Gabe’s insistence!

Anyway, I think we all ready to get back to the school and preschool routine – I definitely am even if the boys aren’t! And I can’t wait to get a bit of time to give the house a proper clean, it’s been sadly neglected for the last few weeks.

Living Arrows

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  1. Totally with you on the being scared of things there were fine with 6 months ago – I set up a sand activity for M and she refused to go near it, when she’d been happily playing with the very same sand in the summer! Why do they do that?! There must be a psychological explanation. #LivingArrows

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