Keeping the kids clean with Baby Dove

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If you read my post the other week about our afternoon bath routine then you know that we usually only bath the boys once or twice a week. This started when Toby was a baby and we realised that bathing him every day was really drying out his skin. He had quite bad eczema until he was about 18 months, and although it’s cleared up now I’m still very cautious about the products I use on both him and Gabe. I’ve always used Dove soap myself and been very happy with it, so I was keen to see what its two new Baby Dove ranges were like.Baby Dove Baby Bar and Head to Toe Wash

We were recently sent the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar, and the Sensitive Head to Toe Wash to try out with the boys. Even though they only have a bath once a week we obviously need to keep them clean the rest of the time too!

A few weeks ago, Toby and his class had a visit from the school nurse to talk about hand washing, to make sure they don’t spread germs. They were taught the right way to wash their hands and since then Toby loves to show me what to do – he looks like a little doctor scrubbing in for surgery he’s so thorough! He was very happy to use the Baby Dove Baby Bar, and I am too.

Keeping hands clean with the Baby Dove Baby Bar

I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has had much drier hands since having children – if I’m not washing up, or wetting a cloth to wipe up, I’m washing my hands. The Baby Dove Baby Bar is hypoallergenic and pH neutral, and is also ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested; and paediatricially approved. It contains ¼ moisturising cream so it will not only keep Toby and Gabe’s skin soft and nourished it will do the same for mine too.

Baby Dove Sensitive Fragrance Free Head to Toe Wash

As well as the Rich Moisture Baby Bar we’ve also been using the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Head to Toe Wash. We’ve mostly been using this, as the name would suggest, for washing the boys in the bath. They’re both at an age now where we’re starting to teach them to wash themselves in the bath. The Head to Toe Wash is so mild that I don’t need to worry if they accidentally get a bit in their eyes, or even in their mouths – or are mine the only kids who always seem to end up with bubbles in their mouths?

Toby learning to wash himself in the bath with Baby Dove Head to Toe Wash

Toby is actually pretty good at using a flannel to wash himself now, and with the pump bottle it was easy for him to get some Head to Toe Wash on there too. Gabe’s not quite so good at it yet, but he loves to have a go, and thinks copying Toby is hilarious.

Gabe loving being in the bath and learning from his brother

We were really happy with both the Baby Dove products we tried, and I’ll definitely be checking out some of the other products in the range now too.


**Disclosure: This post was written in association with Tots100 and Baby Dove. As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous Sarah, and his smile!!!! Awwww. I tend to use Dove soap bars in the shower: I find they lather really well and don’t make my skin as dry as some shower gels. xx

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