Living Arrows 14/52 (2019)

We have made it through the last week of term and we’re all definitely ready for the holidays, well except Barry who has got to work for another week before he gets any time off! He has just had three days in London though so I don’t think he can complain too much!

While Barry was away I took the boys to McDonald’s for tea after Toby’s swimming lesson. They’ve only been to McDonald’s a handful of times but they love it (well they love the Happy Meal toys anyway). Gabe had a very nutritious meal consisting of three fish fingers, a chocolate cookie and a fruit shoot. Not my finest parenting moment but sometimes needs must!

We were super proud of Toby getting his Stage 2 certificate at swimming this week – he’s been struggling a bit lately and not seeming to make much progress so it was good to see his efforts have been paying off.

The rest of the week was quiet as usual. Toby finished school at 2 pm on Friday and so the holidays began. So far we haven’t had much of the usual squabbling that we often have at the start of school holidays so fingers crossed it continues.

Barry came back from London on Saturday lunchtime and while I had a shower he took them outside to play in the sunshine where he took this week’s Living Arrows pictures.

Gabe outside in the sun

Gabe is such a character these days – he tries so hard to join in with Toby’s games, even when he’s making up the most complicated rules! He still drives me crackers on a regular basis, he is three and a half after all but he’s also the sweetest most loving little boy too. I’m definitely going to miss my little shadow when he starts school in September.

Toby playing in the garden

And talking about growing up – Toby doesn’t look five in this picture, more like fifteen! He passed another milestone this weekend too – I left him at a birthday party for the first time. It was the first one he’s been too at someone’s house – I stayed for about half an hour but he was absolutely fine so I left him to it!

We’re planning a fairly quiet week for the first week of the holidays. My boys both really need time at home to decompress at the end of term – I’m sure we’ll get out a bit, I’ve booked a session at a new indoor play place, and then I’m contemplating trying to take them both swimming on my own so we’ll see how that goes!

The following week we’re off to Derbyshire to stay in a cottage for a few days so there’ll be plenty of activities and outdoor adventures then. So if this week has a lot of LEGO and PlayStation I’m not too worried.

Have you broken up yet or have you still got another week to go?


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8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 14/52 (2019)

  1. Well done Toby ! it sounds like he’s making great progress with his swimming. Your plans for the Easter holidays sound perfect, the right balance of rest and fun. Have a lovely time x

  2. We finished at the same time as you and it was definitely needed!! Lovely photos of the boys – I wish my husband could take photos some weeks for me too! Very jealous of that. Hope you’ve had the relaxing week you were after and swimming went okay. X

  3. Well done on Toby getting his stage 2 swimming certificate. I remember my eldest was stuck on Stage 2 for what felt like forever before he moved up to the next level! We had a half day on the Friday before last too. Unlike you though we packed quite a bit in our first week but have a quieter second week! #LivingArrows

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