Kids hobby ideas that require minimal supervision

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As a parent, you want what’s best for your children. You want them to be happy and healthy, and grow into kind and caring adults. This is where hobbies can help by encouraging them to learn, improve their communication, and boosting their creativity.

However, as a busy parent, the thought of finding time to fit in time for another class or activity may fill you with dread. Instead, here are some great hobby ideas for kids that require minimal supervision, time or clean-up.


To explore wildlife, you may think you need a family trip to the zoo, but there’s loads in your garden. Get them involved with creating a wildlife garden, then leave them to it as they monitor its progress and see what’s stopped by. They might even capture it in their art.

Brothers in the woods - Toby is pointing out something in the tree


Painting is always popular with little ones, but for you, it means a lot of cleaning up. Instead, try them with colouring books, or if they’ve got a real flair for art, invest in a sketch book and some pencils so they can start drawing.


What kid doesn’t love technology? As they get older, you may face struggles to reduce their screen time, but for now, use tech to encourage creativity. A cheap kid-friendly camera can provide endless fun, while also allowing them to explore the world around them.


You may see dancing and think of classes, but there are other ways your kids can dance, including games. Simply set up a console, make sure the controller is secure to avoid accidents with your TV, and off they go! This is a great idea for rainy days.  


Although your little one may love the idea of a skateboard or roller skates, it can lead to a lot of injuries. To avoid as many bumps and bruises, go for a Proline scooter. This will help to keep them active and they can have fun practising tricks. Plus, they’re great for days out, too.


Do your children love reading? Then they might enjoy writing, too. After all, kids have an amazing imagination, so encourage them to hone their creativity by writing stories. Or they could try writing their own play and have fun acting it out with friends or siblings.

Toby writing his letter to Father Christmas


Children find it easier to learn a musical instrument, so it’s a good idea to encourage them to start early on. Although this hobby may involve lessons, they can practice at home unsupervised until their heart’s content. You may just need some ear plugs…

These hobbies can be a lot of fun for kids, while also being easy for parents. Let me know what hobbies your kids enjoy in the comments below.

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