Living Arrows 11/53 (2018)

With Gabe now walking normally again on his fully functioning foot we were all back to our usual routine this week. Thankfully Gabe was happy to go back to preschool again, and we didn’t have any tears from Toby at school this week either.So we’ve had a fairly quiet week with our usual school runs, swimming lessons, and plenty of arguments between the boys! We had a nice weekend though (mostly). On Saturday we found a new soft play to go to – it’s quiet small which is better for the boys, it was quiet, and best of all it only cost £2 for each of them!

We didn’t have any big plans for Mother’s Day yesterday but I did get a lie in, the boys made me some lovely cards, and then in the afternoon we went for a play in the park and a cake in the cafe with my mum and dad. There wasn’t even a lot of squabbling from Toby and Gabe for a change too!

The place where we went to the park has a little wooded area where there are some wooden shelters that people have built. Both this week’s pictures were taken in there while the boys explored. We definitely all do better when we spend time outside…

Toby exploring in the woods

Gabe exploring in the woods

I can’t believe we’re only two weeks away from the Easter holidays – where is the time going? Still, we’ve got a few more weeks of school yet and I’ll be back next week with another Living Arrows post, and hopefully I’ll manage to get some more outdoor shots of the boys too.


Living Arrows

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