Living Arrows 10/53 (2018)

Well after last week when I was telling you about Gabe’s broken foot I’m pleased to report some better news this week. I took Gabe to the fracture clinic on Friday and after just 11 days in plaster his foot is healed and the cast is off!

I’m so glad it was only 11 days in the end  – I have no idea how people cope when their children are in casts for weeks and weeks. Gabe did really well for the most part, but his sleep was a bit disturbed and he really didn’t want to go to preschool. I think that was just because he couldn’t run around with his friends and do everything he usually does. I’m hoping today’s drop off has a few less tears than last week. He’s certainly looking happy in this week’s Living Arrows picture anyway…

Gabe looking happy now he's had the cast taken off his leg

There were tears from Toby this week too. He was so excited about World Book Day and he was very happy with his Mr Nosey costume (which I have to admit had involved minimal effort from me).

Toby in his Mr Nosey costume for World Book Day

However, Toby is not a fan of people dressing up, and especially not adults dressing up so it all went down hill when we got to school. He was OK seeing his friends in their costumes but no one was wearing anything too outlandish. But then the caretaker came to open the gate and he was dressed as the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz – even though Toby knows him, and knew who it was under the costume he was scared. He was coping though. Until his teacher and teaching assistant came out dressed as Supertato and Evil Pea – and then the tears started. They literally had to drag him off me into the classroom.

He calmed down quite quickly apparently, and enjoyed the rest of the day, but it definitely took the shine off the morning. I think next time there’s some sort of dressing up going on at school we’ll have to work a bit more on preparing him on what to expect, and hopefully come up with some strategies for coping with the changes of the day.

So that was our week – we had hardly any snow here (the joys of living on the Fylde Coast) so I’ve just been looking at all the updates on Facebook from friends in Fife where we used to live, and being grateful we didn’t have to deal with that kind of weather any more! If you had snow where you were I hope things are starting to get back to normal for you now, and we can finally start looking forward to some spring weather!

Living Arrows

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 10/53 (2018)

  1. Oh bless him! I know so many children that really don’t like adults in costumes. It’s scary for them! So pleased about Gabe’s foot x

  2. I think the world book day costume is inspired. Sorry to hear about the other costumes causing upset poor thing. I can’t believe it was only 11 days in plaster! That’s brilliant. Hope you’ve had a good week #Livingarrows x

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