How to Celebrate Your Eighth Wedding Anniversary

Barry and I met in 2010 and got married two years later so this year we celebrated our eighth anniversary. Your eighth wedding anniversary might not sound as exciting as your tenth or fortieth initially, but it’s just as important to many couples. Eight years together is no small feat, and it’s a sign that you’re well on your way to an eternity in each other’s arms.

Of course, just like any wedding anniversary, a great eighth celebration demands plenty of prior planning if you want to delight your other half with the perfect gift. There’s nothing stopping you from buying your spouse anything you choose on your wedding anniversary. After all, this is the perfect time to show each other how well you know each other. However, if you want some hints, you’ve come to the right place.

On our wedding day

Symbols for the Eighth Anniversary: Modern and Traditional

Most people wouldn’t be able to tell you what the symbol for the eighth anniversary is off the top of their head – fortunately, we’ve got you covered in that regard. Traditionally, most people gifted bronze or pottery if you were celebrating an eighth wedding anniversary. Pottery and bronze are symbols that you’ve created something strong together. The combination of copper and tin is symbolic of a strong marriage created by joining two elements.

Pottery highlights that marriage is like a lump of clay moulded into something beautiful over time with the right pressure and heat. If you prefer to go for something a little more modern, the more contemporary symbol for the eighth year with your spouse is linens or lace. Lace is luxurious and represents the refined beauty and elegance of a marriage that has improved over time. Interestingly, lace is also a traditional gift for the 13th anniversary.

Other Symbolic Gifts for the Eighth Anniversary

If neither pottery and bronze or linen and lace appeal to you as the perfect gift for your spouse, then you could consider looking into meaningful colors and gemstones instead. Tanzanite and tourmaline are the most common gems associated with the eighth year of marriage. While Tourmaline comes in a variety of colours from blue and green to yellow and orange, tanzanite is often deep blue or violet.

A great gift idea for eight years of marriage could be a bracelet made with multiple different shades of tourmaline, showing how colourful and diverse marriage can be. You could also go for a bronze clasp or bronze jewellery to accompany your choice of gemstones.

If you’re looking for a more significant floral arrangement for your other half, the classic flower for eight years of marriage is lilac and clematis. The clematis is a climber flower that means clever – highlighting how smart you and your partner were to find each other. Lilac symbolizes beauty, humility, and young love.

How to Celebrate Eight Years of Marriage

There are plenty of great ways to use the symbols associated with eight years of marriage to celebrate your time together. You could consider getting a photo frame for your loved one made out of bronze, or even sign up for a bronze working class together where you learn how to make jewellery in this stunning metal. For the sensual woman in your life, there’s also the option to turn to lacy lingerie too.

If you’re sticking to more traditional ideas, then why not consider taking a pottery class together. You can channel your inner superstars from the movie Ghost as you listen to romantic songs by candle light. You might not make anything particularly impressive in your first pottery class, but the things you do make will be more special because they came from the heart.

Anything that combines pottery with bronze and traditional flowers could be a great choice too. You could make a pot for your loved one in your pottery class and use it as a vase to gift them a selection of clematis and lilac blossoms for the day itself. Alternatively, why not work together with your partner on planting a clematis vine in the garden. This could be an amazing way to transform your home over the years, as the clematis really looks amazing when it’s in full bloom.

Something a Little Different?

In the UK, another common symbol for the eighth year of marriage is salt, so you could consider going salt water swimming, or getting your spouse a salt lamp. However, we’d probably recommend just buying your other half a jar of table salt. Why not mix things up for going somewhere special for a dip in the ocean and get your dose of salt that way instead?

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