Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (March 2014)

I can’t believe it’s the end of another month already – this year is absolutely flying but March is over and it’s time for another family portrait. March seems to have been another busy month even though I am struggling to think what we have done.

The first weekend of March my friend Claire came over to babysit so Barry and I could go out for a much needed quiet meal on our own. We made a few plans while we were there which should hopefully improve our lives a little bit. The first was to buy a second car which will shorten Barry’s commute by up to two hours a day – we did that and picked up our Toyota Aygo on Saturday. Toby and I are very excited that daddy is going to be home an hour and a half earlier from now on!

I also started reclaiming a bit of me time this month – I’ve started going to a Metafit class and I’ve also gone back to the amateur musical group that I’ve been a member of for a while. I even managed to survive a three hour dance audition last weekend! I’m really pleased I decided to back for this year’s show, it wasn’t until I was there that I realised how much I’d missed it and all the people who are involved. I also had a bit of extended me time this week with my whistle stop trip to London.

And to this weekend – my mum and dad have come up today to visit for a few days and so we went out to our local Harvester pub for dinner. It was the first time we have taken Toby out to eat and he was an absolute star. He had a little bit of what we were eating and then polished off an apple pouch that we had taken with us. Even being an hour late for bedtime didn’t seem to bother him. We got my dad to take this month’s photo while we were out. I was trying to find one where we were all looking at the camera but this one just made me smile. Toby loves grabbing faces (and my glasses!) at the moment and so this photo really captures everyday life for us.

Family Portrait March

4 thoughts on “Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (March 2014)

  1. Sounds like a lovely family meal, and that Toby did well with it being his first meal out.
    Such a sweet moment captured too, my sons have always been obsessed with grabbing my hubsands glasses too 🙂 x

  2. This is a fabulous photo. It’s one of those that you will look back at and never fail to smile. It’s so lovely to see little personalities emerging!

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