Getting into everything (The Ordinary Moments #20)

I know all I seem to talk about lately is how Toby is almost crawling (and he is still almost crawling), but it really is dominating our lives at the moment! He rolls around the floor to get where he wants and has now started commando crawling forwards as well and you literally can’t take your eyes off him for a minute because he is getting into everything!

He does have a few favourite things that he likes to get at though – first up, my handbag. It has tassels which are obviously fascinating to a baby but he mostly just likes to get the strap and try and wrap himself up in it.

Getting into everything - Handbag

Next there’s the coffee table, a whole treasure trove of things to grab and pull – look mummy’s old netbook, it’s black and shiny! And don’t think putting your leg in the way will stop me!

Getting into everything - Computer

And look what else I found up here – tissues, a whole world of fun!

Getting into everything - Tissues

I know this really means we need to have a big tidy up and try and move everything out of Toby’s reach but actually, as long as I’m there to keep an eye on him, I like watching Toby explore, seeing where he can get and what he can reach….and next week we’re getting a playpen delivered so at least I’ll be able to go to the loo with Toby getting himself into too much mischief!

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4 thoughts on “Getting into everything (The Ordinary Moments #20)

  1. I know this stage well. Just when you’ve tidied everything away and moved it out of reach you leave something within reach by accident and everything goes to pot OR the baby learns to climb and then everything is back in reach! x

  2. Eliot is exactly the same at getting into everything! It’s a nightmare I dread to think what scenarios he’ll get in to when he is on the move properly! Ah and placing a body part (or indeed your whole body) does not deter a determined baby. I’m learning 🙂

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