Safe Road Trip and Vehicle Care

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We all require a break with our families and for that many of us take long road trips. To have a safe and sound road trip with your loved ones , it is important to note that you do all necessary vehicle checks before leaving for the road. 

Check the engine oil 

An engine oil that is not cleaned up regularly and you take the car for a drive will affect the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. A deteriorated and old oil can damage the engine as there are likely chances that it will not provide required power to the engine and later can result in rotting of it. Therefore it is always suggested to check the engine oil before you take your vehicle on a long drive so that no journey halts are faced and that your car performs well on the road improving the fuel efficiency too. 

Check the tyre Tread Depth 

At times we do all the tyre checks that we know of avoiding one major check that is looking at the tyre tread. It is important to check tread depth as it saves the tyre rubber from getting damaged by sharp particles on the road , bumps and bulges. A minimum tread thickness that is recommended by UK vehicle laws is 1.6mm to save tyres from getting damaged by constant road friction. You should replace your tyres on time so you don’t have to face road troubles later. Many local garages are there to help for tyre replacements in local areas like London or surrounding areas. So, for more professional tyre service you can go to Iverson Tyres situated in London.(020 8566 4666)

Man checking tyre pressure on a silver car

Pump up your Tyres 

It is always advisable to check the proper air pressure in the tyres before leaving for a long journey. In case you have checked upon your fuel tank and engine details and ignored looking at your tyres it can cause a major halt too. If your tyres are under inflated and you do not know , they can flatten out in between your tour stranding you and your family in the middle of nowhere. Therefore checking tyre pressure levels for balanced air pressure is always a clever act before leaving for a trip.

These vehicle examining steps by you will definitely save you from unexpected road halts and help you have a pleasant and smooth trip with your family.

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