Updating my spring / summer wardrobe

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OK, OK, don’t shoot me – I know it’s only March and as I sit here wrapped in a blanket as the rain pours outside I know it seems like we’re a long way from summer but with that unseasonably warm weather we had a few weeks ago my thoughts are turning to my spring / summer wardrobe.

I say ‘my spring / summer wardrobe’ like I actually have one! In reality through the warmer months I still just tend to wear my mum uniform of skinny jeans and stripey t-shirts, with the occasional pair of dungarees thrown in.

Me in my new Lucy & Yak dungarees

Last year’s unusually hot summer though made me realise how little there was in my drawers to keep me cool in warm weather and I had to make more than one dash to the supermarket in search of clothes that I wouldn’t melt in! (I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets most of their clothes from the supermarket am I?)

Anyway, this year I’ve decided to be a bit more prepared (and optimistic that we’ll have another warm summer) and I’ve been browsing the Spring / Summer collections on Fashion World. I don’t often wear dresses in summer, but last year I got myself some cheap cotton cycling shorts to wear under them and they were a complete game changer!

I’m quite short and normally shy away from maxi dresses but I love this palm print one, and covering my pasty white legs is always a good idea! This style of dress comes in a few different prints – I love the denim one as well for a different look. The layered top looks like it would do a good job of hiding my mum tum too…

Palm print maxi dress from Fashion World

And if I don’t feel like wearing a dress (because when I’m running around after two little boys dresses aren’t always the most practical clothing) then maybe I’ll try a jumpsuit instead. I’ve never had a jumpsuit, well not since I was a child anyway, but I always think they look great when I see them on other people.

This one is available from Fashion World in sizes 12-32 – I love the funky animal print and it just looks so comfy and easy to wear too.

Animal print jumpsuit

Last summer I lived in jersey harem pants so I’m sure I’ll be adding a few more pairs of those to my wardrobe this year too. They’re like the closest thing you can get to pyjamas that you can actually wear out of the house – I love them!

So there you have a few ideas to update my spring / summer wardrobe – here’s hoping we get some weather that’s nice enough to wear them, otherwise I’ll still be in my skinny jeans, stripey t-shirts and trainers in July!

What are your go-to items for spring and summer? I’d love any advice I can get about updating my wardrobe – at 40 I still dress like I did in my 20s most of the time, and I wasn’t in the least bit stylish then either. I’d love to look more ‘put together’ but I just don’t know where to start!



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  1. Lovely choices Sarah, I’ve noticed that maxi dresses are now available in much friendlier shorter sizes for us shorties which is great. I’m loving the jumpsuits available this year too, I’m thinking of buying one for an upcoming wedding.

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