Living Arrows 6/52 (2020)

We have made it through another week, only 5 more days to go before we get to half term, and I think we’re all ready for the break! Toby and Gabe had a fun day at school on Friday for NSPCC Number Day, getting to wear their own clothes and doing lots of maths activities during the day.

This weekend Gabe was invited to another birthday party. This one was a bubble party at our local Scout hut. Some of the party was outside where all the kids had great fun making big bubbles and chasing some giant ones that the ‘bubble lady’ was making.

Because the weather wasn’t great (although they were lucky it wasn’t yesterday when were getting battered by Storm Ciara!) some of the party was held inside. Gabe loved getting to go inside this giant bubble. It’s the sort of thing that Toby would have been worried about and probably too nervous to do so it was it was a change for me to have Gabe just get up and do it without needing any encouragement from me. Just goes to show how different children can be…

Boy standing inside a giant bubble
Gabe loved being inside the giant bubble, despite his face!

We were supposed to be going to our first family forest school session of the year yesterday but the storm meant it had to be cancelled. That meant another day at home for us with homework, an afternoon bath, playing, TV and a bit of PlayStation.

Both Toby and Gabe were getting a bit obsessed with the PlayStation, especially Gabe. Since Christmas we have been limiting it to about an hour each on Saturday and Sunday and it’s going well so far. They are both fairly accepting of the limits and it’s meant they have started playing with other things a lot more again too.

Does anyone else have a child who has to stand right in front of the TV to watch or play? No matter how many times we tell them to sit down or move away, they always end up back at the screen sooner or later!

A boy close to a TV playing Minecraft
Apparently Minecraft requires the player to be within two feet of the screen!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who asked about my eye and hospital appointment. I had been really worried for two weeks when the retinal surgeon had told me I would need an operation to fix my partially detached retina. I went to see him on Tuesday expecting to schedule the surgery only for him to tell me that actually as I’ve had the problem for quite a long time, and he couldn’t see any changes since the last time he saw me he was happy just to monitor the situation without surgery!

I have to go back in two months and if everything is looking the same then this can be stretched to six months, then a year. After telling me last time he would normally operate within 2 or 3 days, he told me this time that he’s actually got one patient who has just been monitored for 13 or 14 years with no changes!

I might still have to have the operation eventually but hopefully not for a good few years when any time in hospital and recovery will be much easier because the boys will be older. Fingers crossed it won’t be for a long time yet!

Anyway, that’s all for now, until next week….

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 6/52 (2020)

  1. What a sweet pic of Gabe in the bubble. I love it and his shirt. I’d like one in my size. Jackson never played his games close like that but I know several kids that do. I guess it’s a thing.

    I’m glad to hear about your eye. Take care.

  2. Yes! Mine always have to be right in front of the TV when they play games too! So pleased to hear that they can monitor your eye rather than have surgery. x #LivingArrows

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