Toby is 5 years old // A birthday Q & A

A recently wrote an update about Toby now that he is 5 years old (seriously, how did that happen?) and now I’ve also managed to film his birthday Q & A. We started doing this last year, just after he turned 4 – you can watch that video here.

Toby is 5 years old - A birthday Q & A

So this year I’ve asked Toby the same questions – and if you watch both videos you’ll see that quite a few of the answers are still the same. I’m hoping to start filming these videos with Gabe this year too – although I’m not sure how that will go as he’s only going to be three! Still I really hope we can keep up these birthday Q & A videos – I think they’ll be so lovely (and probably embarrassing) for the boys to look back on when they’re older.

For now though I’ll leave you with Toby….

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