Ten things I love // Instagram accounts

I love Instagram (most of the time) and it’s the social media platform I’ve focused most of my energy on for the last year. I’ve written before about how I use Instagram for microblogging, although I haven’t been posting quite as regularly of late. I’m even embracing Instagram stories when I remember!

Anyway, today isn’t about me, rather I’m going to share 10 Instagram accounts that I love to follow, and that I think you should too!

Ten things I love - Instagram accounts

Meet the Wildes

Amber and Kirsty are the parents of not one, but two sets of adorable twins! I am completely in awe of how they cope with four children under three – I find it hard enough with two! And not only do they have four gorgeous children, Amber takes the most incredible pictures of them too.

Make Do and Push

I’ve already mentioned Hannah’s blog in my post on Family Blogs I love, but I couldn’t leave her out of my Instagram round up. Hannah is an award winning photographer and it’s not hard to see why.


The Lifestyle Log

As well as The Lifestyle Log Hannah is also the woman behind the fab blog Budding Smiles, and a wonderful online children’s and baby store called Apples & Pips. On top of managing her blog and shop, and looking after her two beautiful children, Hannah also manages to hold down a full time job! The Lifestyle Log is all about rediscovering the ‘me’ behind the mum, and I love how honest and down to earth Hannah’s posts always are.

Mother Scuffer

I’ve been following Corinne’s account for ages now – her son Frank was due on the same day as Gabe, and ended up being born on the same day too. Corinne is mum to five boys, and has recently had a little girl too. Her family are all just so adorable and I love keeping up with their adventures on Instagram.

The Mummy Adventure

Bex has four children and not only are they cute but they all wear fabulous clothes too! I love her photographs, and following their every day lives on Insta Stories too.

Five Little Doves

Laura is a mum of five children and she posts such wonderful pictures of them. I love to see the matching outfits that her two daughters wear, although they don’t always look like this…

Lamb & Bear

Alex is not only mum to Lamb and Bear (who are similar ages to Toby and Gabe) but she is also the designer of some of our favourite leggings!

Our Enchanted Wood

Abbie is a mum of two. I just love the pictures she posts on Our Enchanted Wood though, especially the recent autumnal ones.

Mummy Daddy Me

I think Katie’s Instagram account was one of the first ones that I followed. She always posts beautiful photographs and has this amazing knack for always capturing the perfect golden light.

Tots 100

Sally is the founder of Tots100 but that’s not why you should follow her on Instagram – you should follow her to watch her Stories and see the many ways she tries to embarrass her 12 year old daughter Flea when she drops her off at school every day!


And that’s it from me. Of course I’d love it if you followed my Instagram account too!

Have I mentioned any of your favourites here? I’m always looking for new accounts to follow so I’d love it if you could leave me your recommendations in the comments.


This is the twenty-ninth post in my #Blogtober series – you can read the rest of the posts here.

5 thoughts on “Ten things I love // Instagram accounts

  1. You mention so many of,the IGers i follow too. They all have gorgeous phoros.

    I really like accounts who mix things up and aren’t all about the kids but,there aren’t any I can immediately think of with beautiful photos across different topics. They,don’t seem to have the stunning pics and style quite like purely parenting igers

  2. Oh Sarah, thank you so much for including The Lifestyle Log – and in such incredible company! You’ve gotten my week off to a lovely start!xx

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