Ten things I love // Films I can’t wait to watch with my kids

One of my favourite things to do is to sit down and watch a film, although I don’t seem to get as much time to do it any more. I love going to the cinema too but that hardly ever happens either apart from the occasional kids’ showing on a Saturday morning.

The boys quite enjoy watching films but so far we have mostly stuck to animations – we still need to build our collection a bit more though I think, and I’m actually tempted by a subscription to the Disney Life app (I’d love to know if anyone has it and if you think it’s worth it.)

But there are loads of films I loved as a child, and lots of them that I still love, that the boys just aren’t quite old enough to enjoy yet. I know we could watch some of these films now, but I want to wait until they will really love them, just like I do.

10 things I love - Films I can't wait to watch with my kids

So in no particular order…

Star Wars

OK, so this is actually 8 films (so far, or is it 9?) and in fact, Toby has already seen A New Hope but he was only about 2 and a half at the time and I don’t think he took much of it in. The first Star Wars film came out the year before I was born, and I think I must have seen it several times a year through most of my childhood. I confess I haven’t seen any of the other films as many times, but I have seen them all, and I’m really looking forward to the new ones coming out too. Can you believe that A New Hope actually has a ‘U’ rating? It would never get that these days!

Harry Potter

Another series I know  – I started reading the Harry Potter books after the first four had come out and then I got each of the others on release day (and I read The Deathly Hallows in less than 24 hours). I’m really looking forward to reading the books with the boys, but also watching the films because I think they do a brilliant job of bringing the books to life.

Indiana Jones

Like Star Wars, I’ve seen the first Indiana Jones film quite a lot more than any of the others. I just think the Indiana Jones films are such great fun – and I wonder if Toby will remember the Numberblocks tribute episode he loves so much when he finally gets to see the film that inspired it.


Need I say more? Is there any child of the 80s who doesn’t love ET?

Bugsy Malone

I just love this film – it’s so much fun, and I remember when I was a kid how much I loved that all the actors in it were children too. There’s really nothing to stop Toby and Gabe watching this now but I think if I wait another year or two they might just enjoy it a bit more.



I haven’t seen Ghostbusters anywhere near as many times as I’ve seen some of the other films on this list but it’s still a classic that I think the boys will love.

The Wizard of Oz

I’ve been singing Over the Rainbow to Toby and Gabe every night since they were babies so I’d love them to see the film it came from. And The Wizard of Oz is just a great story.

Now, the last films in this list are ones that we are going to have to wait more than just a couple of years to watch with the boys (and the last two were Barry’s suggestions.

Die Hard

I love all the Die Hard films, but none of them really beat the first one. I think I was probably about 15 or 16 the first time I saw it and I’ve seen them all countless times since (well, the first three any way). I’ve watched them with my dad loads so I hope one day I can enjoy them with my kids too.


This one is Barry’s suggestion, I’ve only seen it once and that was with him. It’s one of his favourite films though so I bet he’ll be getting the boys to watch it with him as soon as they’re old enough.


This is another one of Barry’s  – I hadn’t seen it until I met him. In fact we tried to watch it the first time we met up after our initial meeting but I’d had a bit to drink and just fell asleep. In fact thinking about it I think I still haven’t watched it all the way to the end! Maybe I’ll wait and watch it when the boys do and we can have a family Jaws night.


So there you have it. Are there any films you’re looking forward to watching with your children?

This is the thirteenth post in my #Blogtober series – you can read the rest of the posts here.

4 thoughts on “Ten things I love // Films I can’t wait to watch with my kids

  1. My 2 year old won’t sit still long enough to watch a film yet, unless he is poorly. I’m looking forward to watching Jumanji and Flubber with him! Absolutely no idea why, they are just two I have stuck in my head for him. Probably because of how much I loved them growing up.

  2. I totally wish my boys were as into Harry Potter as I am, but sadly they just wont entertain it. I watch it all the time anyway though haha

  3. Totally kicking myself for missing Bugsy Malone from my list! I know it pretty much word for word too! D’oh!
    Some great picks there! Flight of the navigator is one of mine!

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