Review: Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe safety gate

Just before Christmas Toby really upped the stakes in the ‘I want to get everywhere’ game by working out how to open the doors. He’s been able to reach the door handles for quite a while but he suddenly put two and two together and simply closing a door is no longer enough to keep him contained. Downstairs we’ve been using our Lindam Play Pen as a room divider for a while now and we can safely leave Toby on his side with his toys (although he doesn’t like it too much these days unless one of us is in there with him). Upstairs though we didn’t have any safety gates and it would only take a second for Toby to be out of his room and taking a headlong tumble down the stairs, especially seeing as, along with opening doors, his other new found love is walking up and down the stairs (which he can only manage with our assistance at the moment!).

Lindam safety gate

So this is where the Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Safety Gate comes in. We decided the best thing would be to fit a gate across our upstairs hallway. This means Toby can still get from his room to our room, which I thought might be useful when he moves out of his cot, although I may well live to regret this if we start getting a midnight visitor somewhere down the line. It also keeps him out of the bathroom and our spare room/office as well as safe from the stairs. We chose the Easy Fit Plus Deluxe gate because it is pressure fit gate, meaning no drilling into the walls. We live in a new build and our walls are seemingly made of cardboard so fixing anything to them is a nightmare. It’s worth noting that Lindam don’t recommend you use a pressure fit gate directly at the top of the stairs.

Fitting the gate was very simple. It is supplied with plastic cups and sticky pads to attach them to the walls (you can also screw through the middle of the cup if you prefer), and an Allen key to tighten the gate once it’s in place. We also needed an extension as the gap we wanted to fit the gate in was slightly too big. Lindam make a variety of extensions in order for their gates to fit most spaces. The only tricky part about fitting the gate was removing one of the plastic plugs in order to attach the extension. In fact we couldn’t get one of them out at all and so had to fit the extension to the other side of the gate instead. This wasn’t really a problem but was slightly annoying.

The gate opening and closing handle can be operated with one hand, which is essential when your other hand is occupied with a toddler intent on escape down the stairs! There is also an additional optional second lock at the base of the gate for added security. I would just say you need to be careful with the handle – if it is left up Toby does like to push it down and it has quite a snap so could very easily trap little fingers.

Lindam Easy Fit Deluxe Plus

Overall we are very pleased with the Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe safety gate. It does exactly what we need it to and I was delighted with how easy it was to fit (and without filling my walls full of holes!). I’m not sure Toby is quite so convinced about kept safe from the stairs though!

Toby behind the gate

Lindam have a whole range of different safety gates so if this one isn’t quite what you’re after you can be sure they’ll have one to do the job.

The Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe safety gate has an RRP of £23.99 and the 7cm extension which we used is available separately with an RRP of £8.99.

Family Fever
**Disclosure: We were sent the Lindam Easy Fit Deluxe Plus gate and extension for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

Child safety on the move with Lindam

Lindam is the name that comes to mind when thinking about child safety in the home – they are well-known for their safety gates, play pens, cupboard locks and all kinds of other ‘baby-proofing’ products. Did you know though, that they also have lots of products to help keep your child safe whilst in the car and out and about?

When we went to France at the beginning of June we spent three days driving to get there and two days driving home so Toby had to spend an awful lot of time in the car. We wouldn’t have managed without window shades and these ones from Lindam are great – I like the White Hot spot that lets you know if it is too hot inside the car, and also the two step release so if Toby manages to unstick the bottom of the shade it’s not going to ping back up.

SunBlock Shade

The other thing we couldn’t do without is the Adjustable Back Seat Mirror – Toby is still in a rear-facing car seat and will be for a few more years hopefully so having this mirror means we can easily see him, and recently he’s just worked out he can see us in the mirror too!

Back Seat Mirror

The Lindam 2-in-1 Backseat & Pushchair Organiser now lives in our car to keep Toby’s toys and drink in, plus a few other bits and pieces that otherwise always seem to end up just rolling around in the back! And if you like you can easily unclip the organiser from the back of the car seat and pop it on your stroller instead!

Lindam travel

Lindam also have this fantastic backpack with an optional strap to keep a hold of your little one. We haven’t really needed this yet as Toby isn’t walking. I’m sure it will come in very useful once he is though, and for now it was great for carrying Makka Pakka around and for me to try and stop Toby exploring the understairs cupboard!

Another great product for use at home and away is the FlexiGuard safety gate – a gate which is pressure fitted so doesn’t need to be attached to the wall and also folds up into it’s own case for easy transportation. This will be really handy for when we go on our next cottage holiday or even just visiting Toby’s grandparents.

I didn’t realise that Lindam had so many different products for use away from home! Are there other any safety essentials you’d recommend?

Disclosure: We were sent these items as a part of our role on the Lindam blogger panel. All opinions are my own.

Review: Lindam Safe & Secure Metal Play Pen

Lindam Play Pen

I’ve mentioned a few times lately that Toby is well and truly on the move. He has been commando crawling for a few weeks now and is really fast when he sees something he wants! This meant that it really wasn’t safe to leave him on his own any more – which was starting to be a problem when I was on my own with him during the day. Unless he was in his highchair or upstairs in his cot I couldn’t even leave him to go to the loo! So, we needed a play pen, and we were delighted when the lovely people at Lindam said they could send us one.

The Details

Lindam make two different play pens; one metal and one fabric. We chose the Safe & Secure Metal Play Pen which has an RRP of £94.49 (It is available for less than this – at the time of writing you can get it from Tesco for £65). The play pen has six panels (one of which has a gate in it) and can be used as either a free standing play pen, which can be rectangular or hexagonal, or attached to the walls and used as a room divider or multi-panel safety gate. The play pen also comes with a padded hexagonal mat with ties into the bottom.

The Pros

  • The play pen was very easy to set up. It was simply a case of clipping the sections together and then tightening up each joint with the allen key which was in the box. It would also be easy to take the play pen down again and it folds up relatively small if you wanted to take it on holiday or store it.
  • The play pen is a great size. It measures 125cm at the widest point and there is plenty of room inside for Toby to have some toys and roll and wriggle around without it taking up the whole of our living room.
  • The included mat is a great addition. It makes it nice and comfy inside the play pen and it is machine washable which is fantastic for us as Toby is in a very dribbly phase at the moment! We’ve hung our other play mat over the side of the play pen as it’s nice and colourful (and also stops Toby playing with the plug socket switches on that wall!)
  • The gate is easy to open and close one handed.
  • The play pen is very sturdy – there’s no danger of Toby pushing it over or moving it.

The Cons

  • The bar at the bottom of the gate comes right up to the frame – we had a little accident (which was more my fault that anything to do with the play pen but I thought it worth mentioning) when I left Toby for a second in the play pen with the gate open. He grabbed the get and managed to trap his thumb between the bottom of the gate and the frame. There was no serious harm done, and I know for future not to leave Toby even for a second with the gate open!
  • This isn’t really a negative but the play pen is quite heavy so if you are putting on carpet and don’t want to leave a big dent I would recommend putting something underneath it. We had some thin foam sheet that we use when we’re camping and we’ve put that underneath.

The Verdict

Lindam Play Pen full view

We absolutely love the Lindam play pen and it has made my life so much easier. Toby seems very happy to stay in the play pen with his toys while I clear up after meals, hang the washing out or do whatever it is I need to get done. I know some babies might not take to being confined by a play pen so I’m glad Toby is happy to stay in this one. Lindam are a brand I know I can trust, the play pen is really well made and I’m confident we’ll get plenty of use out of it in the coming months.

**Disclosure: I was sent a Lindam Safe & Secure Metal Play Pen in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

We're going on an adventure

Happy Birthday Lindam



Before I even had a baby I’d heard of Lindam and knew that they made stair gates and other baby safety products. In fact Lindam have been around for 25 years and are the UK’s number one safety brand. They have won over 90 product awards and sell not only stair gates but also playpens, cupboard and appliance locks, plug socket covers, corner protectors, door bouncers, bed rails and travel accessories.

Now Toby is crawling we really need to make sure our house is safe for him so I was delighted when Lindam sent us a whole box of safety goodies to celebrate their 25th birthday. We’ve not used them all yet but I’m sure they’ll be coming in very useful soon!


In the big box of goodies was a Light My Way Night Light – a battery operated night light in the shape of an owl. We are already lucky enough to own one of these lights after we were given one at the Munchkin Lindam blogger event last month so the lovely people at Lindam said it would be OK if I gave our new one away to one of you lucky people. This night light has some great features – I love that it is battery powered (and yes, batteries are included!) so there are no trailing wires to cause any safety concerns. I also like that it turns itself off after 20 minutes so your little one can have it on while they go to sleep but it doesn’t stay on all night.

Lindam Night Light

So if you would like to win this Lindam Light My Way Night Light then simply complete the Rafflecopter below.

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**Disclaimer: I was sent some safety products from Lindam, however I was not compensated for writing this post and all opinions are my own.

I’m a Lindam Munchkin Blogger




As you know I flew down to London on Wednesday night and after spending an evening catching up with my brother and sister-in-law, on Thursday morning I braved the Central Line at rush hour to head into the city for a very exciting event.

I was absolutely delighted when the lovely people at Lindam Munchkin asked me to be on their blogger panel a month or so ago. And I was even more delighted when I found out that meant I would get to go to London for a launch event to meet the people behind these fabulous brands, and the other bloggers on the panel! I had heard of both Lindam and Munchkin before – they are both leading brands in their areas and I was looking forward to seeing some more of their products in the flesh. I wasn’t disappointed. When we arrived at the venue there were loads of Munchkin’s colourful feeding, teething and bathing products to get our hands on, along with some of the home safety products which Lindam is so well known for.

We were treated to a delicious brunch (which had given rise to the #MunchBrunch hashtag on Twitter!), all served on Munchkin toddler plates and cutlery, while we got to know each other and find out a bit more about what we will be doing as part of this blogger panel. It really was a fantastic morning – as well as seeing all the great products (and getting a fabulous goodie bag to bring home!) it’s always lovely to meet people in person when you have only chatted to them online or read their blog before. (And I did manage a sneaky milkshake from Ed’s Easy Diner with Donna from Redhead Babyled after the event!)

You’ll be hearing plenty more from me about Munchkin and Lindam in the future, and we’ll be bringing you reviews of some of their innovative products. But in the meantime, here’s a picture of Toby enjoying his new teething toy for you all.

Munchkin teething toy