Homesick for my old life

I’m writing this on the train, on my way home from a lovely night in Dunfermline. Dunfermline, the place I called home for 13 years until we upped sticks and moved back to the north west last summer. And as I leave I’m feeling a bit homesick for my old life – can you even be homesick for a place that isn’t home anymore?

View of the Forth Road bridges from the train

Before we moved, I was involved in local musical theatre. I was in about 10 different musicals in the time I lived here but the last one was before I got pregnant with Gabe. This week the company I used to be in were performing Priscilla Queen of the Desert so I decided to come up for a night to see the show. It was also a chance to catch up with some of my old friends as I joined the cast and crew at the Chinese buffet after the show. Read more