Baby Sensory (The Ordinary Moments #22)

Early days at baby sensory

We started going to Baby Sensory when Toby was about two and a half months old. He has gone from being one of the youngest babies in the class to being the oldest. He’s also gone from lying and just watching and taking it all in to causing havoc! Now I can hardly keep him in one place long enough to do any of the activities and I’m always trying to make sure he doesn’t hurt any of the smaller babies when he’s crawling and rolling about all over the place!

Getting bigger at baby sensory

We love Baby Sensory though – there are lots of different activities and it’s been fantastic watching Toby as he develops and is able to interact and participate more. It’s been really interesting to see the other babies in the class getting bigger too; the older ones leave and then new tiny babies come to take their place. Toby loves the ‘Say Hello’ song (if you’ve every been to Baby Sensory you’ll know the one I mean!) and I often sing it to him if I need to calm him down or keep his attention. It’s quite sad to think we’ve only got a few months of Baby Sensory left. There’s only a couple of weeks then we’re on holiday, then there’s a few more weeks before the school holidays start here and there won’t be regular classes. Baby Sensory is for babies up to 13 months and then after that there are Toddler Sense classes. These have just started in our area and they look awesome (lots of inflatables to play on!) but the classes are only on week days at the moment and I’ll be back at work by then.

Biggest baby at baby sensory

Anyway, I know this sounds like a bit of an advert for Baby Sensory but really going to the classes has just become an ordinary moment for us, which is why I’m linking up this post with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me this week.

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Baby Sensory (The Ordinary Moments #6)

I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me again this week, albeit a bit late, for some more ‘Ordinary Moments’. I do quite a few different activities with Toby during the week; Baby Sensory, Baby Massage, swimming, soft play to mention a few. Although I try to tell the hubby all about it I know it’s not the same as him being there himself. So, this Saturday it was great that he got to come along to the Baby Sensory Christmas party so he could see for himself what me and Toby get up to. It was a lot of fun and Toby looked so cute in his elf costume (with added ‘made by mum’ hat!) Baby Sensory Christmas Elf

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