Baby Sensory (The Ordinary Moments #6)

I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me again this week, albeit a bit late, for some more ‘Ordinary Moments’. I do quite a few different activities with Toby during the week; Baby Sensory, Baby Massage, swimming, soft play to mention a few. Although I try to tell the hubby all about it I know it’s not the same as him being there himself. So, this Saturday it was great that he got to come along to the Baby Sensory Christmas party so he could see for himself what me and Toby get up to. It was a lot of fun and Toby looked so cute in his elf costume (with added ‘made by mum’ hat!) Baby Sensory Christmas Elf

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One thought on “Baby Sensory (The Ordinary Moments #6)

  1. SO sweet, and it is hard for the Daddy’s sometimes not being able to see what is going on during the week, it was lovely he got to come and see what you all get up too! And I love the elf costume- so sweet! x

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