Spend less on school uniforms

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School clothes can be one of the most expensive school supplies. Given that kids are constantly growing and prone to losing and damaging things, it’s easy for a parent to fork out thousands on school clothes throughout a kid’s education. Fortunately, there are tricks to spend less. Here are a few ways to cut the costs of school clothing.

Shop second hand

You can save a lot of money by buying school clothes second hand. There are many parents out there selling clothes on Gumtree that may be a great condition – their kid may have simply grown out of it. These local sites allow you to easily pick up items in your area rather than having to pay to get them delivered as is the case with the likes of Amazon and Ebay. You should also check your kid’s school site as there may be a forum area for parents – some schools may allow parents to advertise and sell clothes here. You may even be able to arrange a clothes swap event with other parents, which could allow you to trade school clothes for free.

Toby in his full school uniform

Buy out of season

Despite all the back to school deals, August and September are often not the best times to buy school clothes. You’ll find better discounts by shopping mid-term during another part of the year – this is when school clothing retailers are in less demand and so are more likely to cut costs to attract buyers. Look out for multi-deals in which you may be able to buy a pack of shirts or socks for cheap. Stocking up is often worthwhile as clothes will get damaged and lost.

Use online coupons

You can often find coupons on school clothing online on sites like Groupon. This could give you access to massive discounts, saving you a ton of money. It’s important to check the expiry date as some coupons may only be valid for a short time, meaning that you have to shop quick.

Get clothes labelled

Buying school labels for putting kids’ names on could be a worthy investment. Putting labels on clothes can stop them from getting lost by making them easily identifiable. This is important with sweaters and shoes in which kids are likely to pick up the wrong pair. You can buy labels to be sewn on or labels that are ironed on for greater convenience. You can often buy these cheaply online.

Invest in stain remover

When white shirts and tights get stained from mud and grass, don’t automatically buy a new pair. Investing in a quality stain remover could help you to clean these items of clothing and get more use out of them. It’s worth researching online into the best stain removers for white clothing by reading reviews from other parents or simply asking other parents on social media.

Do you have any top tips for saving money on school uniform?

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