Great holiday destinations with kids

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If you’re looking to take the kids away this year, the biggest challenge is figuring out where to go. No parent wants to deal with long-haul flights, especially if they have young children. So, Europe tends to be a popular option.

To help you decide where your next family-friendly holiday should be, below you can discover some of the best destinations to consider.

South of France

It’s easy to overlook the south of France as a family-friendly destination. It’s most renowned for offering a tranquil, romantic atmosphere. However, there’s actually a lot of family-friendly activities in southern France to be enjoyed.

Dipping toes in the sea in France - great holiday destination with kids

As well as stunning beaches and unique attractions, you’ll also find this part of the world is great for exploring. You and the family can enjoy your own little adventure that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. We’re going to the Dorgdogne this summer (which isn’t quite the south but near enough). I used to work in that part of France and there’s so much to do with the children – I can’t wait!


There’s a lot to love about Italy as a family-friendly destination. First and foremost, it has amazing food. Even the fussiest of eaters will enjoy the food offered in this stunning country! You’ll especially want to introduce the kids to the locally made ice cream. It also has an excellent mixture of culture, sun and attractions.

Whatever you and the family enjoy, there’s something to suit everyone. Take them on a more adventurous trip and hike along the coastline, or enjoy a nice family cycling holiday, taking in the glorious sights. You’ll find companies such as Exodus Travels have fantastic family-friendly Italy deals.

The Algarve

If you’re looking for a traditional family-friendly holiday destination, the Algarve is definitely the choice for you! It’s affordable, has plenty of activities and attractions on offer and its culture isn’t quite as different as some other parts of the world. So, your kids are sure to be a lot less picky heading to the Algarve than they would be if you were heading somewhere faraway and exotic.

The Algarve is also perfect for those who love to take part in sports on holiday. There’s plenty of water sports and activities such as horse-riding and golf to partake in. So, if you prefer a more active holiday, this is a great location to head to.

There are so many great places to take the kids on holiday this year –  but the three I’ve mentioned above are definitely some of the best. They’re quick and easy to get to and each offers a wide range of family-friendly fun to be enjoyed.

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